Winter hurricane warning issued to parts of western New York


The southern provinces of Erie, Chautuka and Kataragus are open to snow from Monday to Wednesday night.

Buffalo, New – Sunday afternoon National Weather Service in Buffalo Issued a Winter Storm Warning For a few counties from the slow-moving climate system that brings heavy rain and snow to western New York.

On Sunday night, the low-pressure area intensifies as it moves from the Gulf Coast to the northeast via the Apalchian Mountains to Monday. This humid climate brings rain first before the cold Canadian weather meets Tuesday and Wednesday.

Heavy snow fell during the winter storms, bringing cold and western New York systems from Monday to Wednesday, causing heavy rainfall and snowfall in western New York.

A Winter Storm Warning It runs from 1 a.m. Tuesday to 1 a.m. Wednesday in the southern provinces of Eri, Chautuka and Kataragus. Heavy and wet snow can cause dangerous travel conditions with the accumulation of slippery feet.

When the storm hits, Monday, Western New York will still be warmer and warmer. Rain starts until midnight and continues for most of the day. Rainfall can reach from one inch to two inches on Monday alone.

As the colder air begins to cool on Monday night, the rain and snow line approaches. That means the temperature will be close on Monday night to melt some of the wet ice at the high altitudes to melt the low-altitude rain.

Tuesday seems to be a raw day for all over the 30s. Rainfall may occur primarily as wet snow, but some rain may mix near lakes. Tomorrow will be a windy, windy day in the northwest, making things even more unpleasant.

Depending on the current models, heavy snow will accumulate in the glaciers from Tuesday to Wednesday. If the rainfall is heavy, there may be some accumulation in Buffalo and the surrounding area. Since the hurricane is finally over, a few lake-based baths will last until Wednesday.

Anyone with travel plans Monday through Wednesday should follow this procedure. The snowfall may not seem so disturbing right now, but rain and wind will still cause problems along the way.

In the first few weeks of this year, look forward to the beginning of December, which has the potential for more couples in East America.

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