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Parler, Parler, Parler, Paler said in June last year that Paler was a newcomer to the social media scene (unusual and illegal), claiming that the claim would only be modest based on the First Amendment and the FCC. How mild this is and how the company will be It should be moderate And all other websites had to face similar content choices in the end. In fact, we noticed that the company (in part because of the large number of users) seems to be Content Moderation Accelerate learning speed.

Many imaginative, but incredibly gentle website founders jumped on the bandwagon and argued that they could not change anything in the name of free speech. But each one learns quickly, that is impossible. Sometimes this is because the law requires you to modify certain content. Often, it is because you have realized that your website is useless without any measure. It is full of garbage, spam, harassment, abuse and more. And when that happens, it will be unused by ordinary people, it will drive more and more users, and it will certainly drive out potential advertisers. And last but not least, the headline made it clear that you could not sell it – just like your hosting company He does not want to accommodate you More

And as we have seen, Parler’s claim of not being a mediator has always been a big lie. The organization Absolutely moderator, And even the CEO Bragging to The Reporter Blocking “Left Thrills”. The whole “we are a free speech platform” was nothing more than a marketing ploy to attract trolls and browsers, with the support of “we don’t want to invest in content modesty” like any other site.

The company, of course, said the details were in the Amazon lawsuit Did Be modest. Slowly and negatively. He admitted last week that the company was there You have downloaded posts from wacky lawyer El Lynn called on VP Mike Pence to form “shooting teams.”

It is clear that Amazon has given Paler time to develop a real content mode program, but the company has blown it. But now, realizing that he has to do something, Parler continues to reinforce the mistakes of every previous social media platform. Parler CEO John Matthews is now He says it comes back with “algorithm” content modesty. This was in an interview On Fox News, of course.

We do things a little bit. The forum will be free to speak first, and we will respect and encourage free speech, but we will adopt more algorithms on the content but respect people. Privacy We also want people to have privacy and free speech, so we don’t want to monitor people. We do not want to use it to predict violations that could benefit their history and nature, but we do find algorithms to quickly correct and eliminate the worst things, according to Mattis. So the call for violence, the encouragement, the natural things that come down.

This … is usually a salad. Mediation issues and privacy issues are different. The same is true of free speech. Just because people have the right to free speech does not mean that Peller (or anyone else) should help them.

Also, Matthias is going to learn that algorithms can help a little bit (like any other company), but it really doesn’t help much in the long run. Companies with many additional resources, including Google and Facebook, are leveraging content metric algorithms on their various platforms and they are Far Perfection begins with a very weak point, and certainly the algorithm does not replace the real trust and security program, as most companies say.

In that interview, Mattis is also a fool on an Amazon device:

We even offered our engineers to use Amazon’s services immediately – Amazon Reconstruction and other tools – to find that content and quickly remove it and Amazon said “this is not enough”, so they do not trust their own. He said the equipment may be sufficient to meet its own standards.

That is surprisingly wrong, and Mattis seems stupid. Amazon Registration a Face recognition system. What does it mean to discuss harassment, death threats, and abuse on your site? Absolutely nothing.

Instead of making threatening allegations and making false statements, it is amazing that Paler did not remain silent, find a true expert on trust and security to hire, and learn from what each company has done in the past. It does not mean that it needs to be treated in the same way. More variations and different approaches should always be tried. The problem is that you have to do that with knowledge and experience, not ignorance. Paler chose the other way.

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