UB Himphal was eager for the long-awaited senior season


(WIVB) – In February of her first year of high school, Winter Hemfil did not decide where she would play basketball in college. She was a Catholic League player of the year and led Cardinal Oharan to another Minsingor Martin League title.

There were still questions about translating the game to the next level. UB head coach Felisha Legesse-Jack heard the doubts from the assistant coach. But sometimes the head coach has to see for herself.

Friday, Friday: “I went to see her while she was playing in Rochester. I said, “I’ll look at this boy once.” She had something that day. Her ability matched my eyes. I said, ‘That’s exactly what we want.’ ”

Legesse: Jack is interested in a humpback coach. She said she would accept the supply of oxen that night.

“We’ve been robbed,” said Leget. “Perfect Steal”

History has it that the Buffalo native was “too much” under recruitment to use the coach’s words. Hemfield, a 6-1 forward, became a starter and made an all-new MAC student at Ubi.

Hempfield In 2018, the NCAA was an integral part of the historic 16B UB Women’s historic race. As a young woman, she scored an average of 14.5 points and 10.3 responses, then won the MAC title for the rest of the competition (she had 16 points and 21 responses in the title game) and won one game in NCA in Turin.

Hempfield was ready to take her game to the next level as an senior last year. She has been featured in some of the pre-season national awards list and is a Player of the Year in the Big Four, after suffering a knee injury in October.

“I was torn apart when I was first injured,” Heffield said on Friday. Especially knowing how much I have come over the last few years. Winter, which is going to be my biggest season, really boosted my game. Stopping on my way to an emergency and slowing down makes me focus and concentrate. ”

In Buffalo, it was difficult to see Legette-Jack from the chair during the eight most difficult stretches. The Bulls were defeated six times in a row at the end of the year. The most lost alphabet since 2012.

Sometimes you have to watch Ubi’s struggles, to blame them for their debilitating debut debacle, and to think about how far that team can go with their best player, Hemfil.

“Yes, it was difficult, but I was able to use my blood with them. That helped me. Last year we were very young. They needed to get that experience under their belts.

“Everyone really wants to win,” she says, “but to understand how to win sometimes you have to take some losses. And hopefully those lessons learned last year will be added to this year’s game and we will be better off.

Two days before the epidemic closed in the United States, the bulls’ season ended in March with a Mac tour. Suddenly, colleges were walking away. Players identified. He made the recovery process a little easier for Hemfil. She never played and qualified for another year without a medical red card.

“It was a blessing in disguise,” she said. “A lot of people didn’t have a gym. I couldn’t do anything in court, anyway. There were a lot of weight issues I had to focus on. So that was a big help. ”

During the COVID-19 crisis, Americans became accustomed to not living a normal life. That is what the athlete wants to do, to accept new limitations, and to rejuvenate on a slow and tiring mountain.

“I’m four months ahead of you,” Hemfil said. “I was used to it. It was strange that he was not around the gym and basketball. I was always in the gym or in court or something. It was strange that there was no destination.

Imagine what it will be like for UBB women to return to training this week – even though they are adhering to the Coviv protocol – to begin preparations for the 2020 – 21 season. The players were delighted to return to Leget Jack’s “sanctuary”.

In August, 22-year-old Hempel said, “Everyone was very happy.” Realizing that we had taken something precious to us, it was a great thing for us to be there and to have fun. Everyone is grateful. His energy is there.

Legate: Jack is never accused of taking anything. She says she has as much interest in her 32nd year as a coach. The woman may be emotional about the ordinary line.

You can’t say how close Sheffield is to get back to 100 percent. Sheffield says she is working there. But it is serious with knee injuries.

“I have no predictions,” Jack said. “She is running. Our goal is to get her ready for her seasonal opening (November 29). Right now she’s running a bit, backstory, stuff like that. They say she is ahead of her. Her mind is very strong now. She Will Find It ”

Sheffield says she grew up last year. She had the support of a teammate who raised her in difficult times.

“They really lifted my spirits,” she said. “It’s hard when you have something that hurts a lot. I now understand people who have suffered serious injuries in their work. I understand their attitude towards the game and their personal lives.

“The team and the coaching staff and the U.S. The community was behind me all the time. They are all for me. Any small progress, they make me happy. I am grateful for the families I met here at Ubi. ”

A real family is also available to her. Hemfield is one of eight children, the son of Will Hempfield and Tina Kettle. She has four sisters (Justina, Takara, Tauhana and the actress) and three brothers (Willie, Justin and Tylon). Justin Mike McDonald, starring Cardinal O’Hara, is a new student in the cloud team.

The Himalayan family is a group of Ubi players. Winter and her mother are members of the Seneca Nation. Seneca was the first to sign up for the UB Women’s Championship for a full scholarship. The Senegalese nation honored her at a special tribal council meeting and on the day of the proclamation.

“I am Seneca through my mother,” said Hemfil. “Being a Seneca woman means a lot to me, being a Native American and knowing the history of Native Americans in the United States and being part of a group.

I try to use my platform to be something. To know that I have received so much support from the Senegalese nation is to the world. They support me in everything I do, and I don’t know where I would be without them. ”

Hempfield is a Native American and African-American, and was affected by last summer’s social unrest in the country.

“It’s an uncomfortable topic in the country right now,” he said. “But it’s something we need to be comfortable with. No one should be treated differently by skin color or income or living environment. I just don’t think that’s right.

“As human beings, we have come a long way, but we have many more ways. I feel like we can’t do anything unless we have these conversations that people don’t like. This is the only way we can be better as a nation.

Hempfield wants to play professional basketball after college. She often talks to former UB star Sirara Delard, who is currently playing pro football in Finland.

“My main goal now is to be 100 percent healthy; Of course I want to pursue a professional basketball career. After that, I definitely want to be a police officer. I always want to be one. Knowing what is going on with the police officers today, I would like to think that if I were one I would help promote change. ”

Coach has no problem thinking of the star as a good police officer in the future.

Leget: Jack said, “Oh my gosh, yes.” She is very difficult. There is nothing wrong with this boy. She is not afraid of anything. Very focused, very conscientious around them. That is a police officer. This is what she wants to do. ”

In the meantime, Hempfield will be in control of the bulls and will help them reach the NCAA for the fourth time in six years – three in a row with her. Leget: Jack Hemfil stated that she was working on a three-point shot. If she meets all three, she could be the MAC Player of the Year.

“She can jump up to 30 inches from the ground and be as fast as a deer,” said Leget Jack. One thing she didn’t have was self-confidence. That’s why she was still out there. I, she and I are meeting and I feel it is all destiny. How could she go there so late? ”

According to Hemfil, while in high school, her studies and experiments may have threatened some schools. As a teenager, she dropped out of school for academic reasons. But things have changed for the better and she is now a sociologist.

She said, “That was hard, but I was able to go back there for the second semester and we won the MAC championship. Everything that starts badly usually comes out in the last rainbow.” She said.

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