U.S. Military Information Purchases Location Information From Brokers


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As long as there are government agencies Purchase location data From information brokers – probably without escaping Warranty In doing so – it makes sense for the US military to do the same. Joseph Cox told the motherboard that the U.S. gun machine loves environmental information Just like the CPP. , Has been taken from phone apps, just like IIS and the Secret Service do.

Through public records, interviews with developers, and technical analysis, the motherboard obtained two parallel streams of information that the US military used or used to obtain location information. One relies on a company called Babel Street, a military branch of USSOCOM, Lottery XUS Special Operations Commander. Anti-terrorism, Purchased Location X for counterinsurgency and special surveillance. The other stream is through a company called X-Mode, which gets location information directly from apps, then sells that information to contractors, and to the military for expansion.

Apps that generate information that the military is creating include some expected sources (provided by our nation) Continuous targeting Like some Muslim pro prayer app and dating app Muslim Mingle. But there are unexpected sources that can be used as a one-size-fits-all tool for loading things like Craigslist Search App and guest items such as shelves and cabinets.

The Muslim Pro app has been downloaded more than 98 million times, providing a huge amount of information for military intelligence analysts. And, let’s not forget, such information is important to us Illegal killing programs. What makes this even more frightening is that some app developers have never provided information to the US military. Most of those who spoke to the motherboard were unaware of the large number of customers who were carelessly queuing up to purchase information from users – including other investigations, comments, or government agencies around the world. Murders.

The brokers who spoke to this article said that the information was anonymous, but current and former employees have made it clear that the information being used in this way is “anonymous”.

USSOM acquired LotX X from Babel Street, according to the acquisition of the motherboard. A former Babel Street employee told the motherboard how the users of the product drew a map, how Babel Street looked at all the information on the site, and where it was then.

Locate X The information itself is anonymous, But the source said, “We can completely deanonymize someone.” Babel Street workers “play it to be honest,” the former employee added.

Part of the picture is budget pricing. Millions of pieces of information can be obtained cheaply. The USSOM licensing package costs less than $ 100,000, which is extremely free of US military spending. According to a military spokesman, the military will never use this cheap access to attack US citizens – at least in the United States. Overseas US targets are considered a fair game.

And it is not entirely clear that the US military will not be able to obtain domestic information. Senator Ron Widen – who has been in the news since the news broke earlier this year – said X-Mod social media lawyers (who have military contracts) have sold information gathered from US phones to defense contractors. And other military clients. The company refused to identify which contractors and military customers were buying information they did not know about.

But it is not easy to know who is selling what data. Everything is intertwined and hidden between layers of information brokers and between layers. Although apps let users know they are collecting local information, they do not tell users that this information could be accessed by government agencies and military contractors. In most cases, developers seem unaware of this fact. In some cases, brokers are not entirely involved in the debate. It is impossible to make informed decisions about sharing information with users, but they think that data collection will be targeted not only by air strikes but also by advertisements.

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