Trump has been accused of wielding power in the Capitol uprising and has twice been ousted as first president


The deal has now been moved to the Senate. No trial is scheduled for the January 20 inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

Washington – In a closed caption for live streaming, Click here.

A majority of US House of Representatives voted to oust President Donald Trump a week after he once urged loyalists to “fight like hell” over election results – a speech by a group of supporters who stormed the US Capitol. . The council still voted on Wednesday afternoon on the defamation clause.

Ahead of the vote, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on Republicans and Democrats to “check their souls.” Trump will be the first US president to be ousted twice.

The trumpet “must go,” said Pelosi. He is a clear and dangerous threat to the country we all love.

President-elect Joe Biden It seems impossible to get rid of it properly before graduating on January 20. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a spokesman for the Republican Party, did not agree to return to the House of Representatives immediately, but said no confirmation of the Senate trial could begin until at least Jan. 19.

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Still, McConnell did not say whether he would be guilty of prosecuting Trump during the trial. In a note to fellow Republican senators shortly before the vote began, he said he had not made a decision.

“The press has not made a final decision on how to choose, and I intend to listen to legal arguments before the Senate,” McConnell wrote.

The speed of the action in the council could not be stopped.

The deal comes a week after Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol, hiding members of parliament and weakening the country’s peaceful transition history. The revolt, which sided with Trump during his presidency, forced him to be counted among some Republicans who spread false rumors about the integrity of the 2020 election.

Trump With no Republican votes in the House for the first time in 2019, at least eight Republicans have announced they will join the Democrats this time around, violating Trump’s pledge to uphold and defend American democracy. Among them was Wyoming representative Liz Cheney, the third son of Republican and former Vice President Dick Cheney in the House.

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Two Republican lawmakers – Washington’s Dan Newhouse and Jame Herrera Betler – have said they will vote for the prisoners, and Trump has issued a new statement: “No violence, no lawlessness and no crime.” He, however, refrained from taking any responsibility for last week’s riots.

Republican leader Kevin McCarthy was the first to announce that Trump would step down, but Bidian acknowledged it at the House of Representatives before announcing he was the next president, and some conservatives falsely claimed that extremist groups were not responsible for the violence.

But McCarthy said he was opposed to his resignation, citing “truth-seeking commission” and criticism.

With regard to more threats than invaders, the security of the Capitol was particularly tight with shocking images of a large number of national security guards looking at the complex and metal-clad filters required for lawmakers entering the House.

“We are discussing this historic step at the crime scene,” said representative Jim McGover, De-Mass.

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Although McConnell is slowing down the smear campaign, a Republican strategist told the Associated Press that he believes the Trump leader has committed irreparable crimes and that the Democrats’ accusation is an opportunity to reduce divisiveness and confusion in the GPP.

Last weekend, McConnell called on major Republican donors to measure their views on Trump, and Trump was clearly told he had crossed the line. The strategist, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said he was with Trump.

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Tuesday was the first day of the school year.

The shocking fall of Trump’s last term in office, and more violent warnings ahead of him, left Bidin in a state of disarray before he took office.

Trump has seen the single charge of “inciting violence.”

The four-page deal is based on Trump’s self-proclaimed rhetoric and the lies he spread over Biden’s election victory. At the White House meeting on January 6, the attack on the Capitol was “a serious crime and a violation of the Constitution.”

Trump did not take responsibility for the riots, saying they were aimed at ousting him rather than taking action in the wake of the unrest.

Trump said on Tuesday that “I think it is creating great danger and anger in our country to continue on this path” in his first statement to reporters since last week’s uprising.

A Capitol police officer was killed in a riot, and a woman was shot dead during a siege. Authorities say three other people were killed in what appeared to be a medical emergency. Lawmakers rush to safety, and riot police take control of the capital, with ballots delayed by several hours for Bidin’s final victory.

Republican lawmakers, including Chennai, have been puzzled by the president’s logic. Their support for the ouster has alienated the Republican leadership and the party.

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“The president of the United States has called on the people to come together and light the fire,” Cheney said in a statement. The betrayal of the US President and his oath of office is no more.

Unlike a year ago, Trump was ousted from office as a weak leader because of his own election and a majority in the Senate.

At a time when calls for her ouster are being heard, it is clear that there is a lack of trust in McConnell and Chennai. White House officials and Western officials close to the West, who were not allowed to speak publicly, said he was “deeply disappointed” that he had not been able to post a response on his closed Twitter account. About private conversations

The group around Trump has been liberated without any plans to fight his ouster. Trump leaned on South Carolina Senator Lynsey Graham to push Republican senators, with Chief of Staff Mark Medows calling some of his former colleagues on the hill.

Trump is expected to watch most of Wednesday’s proceedings on television from his White House residence and private dining area outside the Oval Office.

The House first called on Vice President Mike Pence and his cabinet to intervene, calling for a 25th amendment to the constitution on Tuesday night to oust Trump.

“Now is the time to unite our country as we prepare to graduate President-elect Joe Biden,” he wrote in a letter to Pello.

Although at least two Republicans have called for “speeding up,” it is clear that a two-thirds majority is needed to condemn Trump.

The FBI has warned of possible violence by Trump loyalists ahead of the BBC’s inauguration. Capitol police urged lawmakers to be vigilant. Accusations of violence are being considered.

“It is important to make sure that those who are involved in violence and who endanger their lives are seriously injured,” Biden said.

Amid fears that the president-elect will spend his first day in office, he is urging elected presidents to spend their time prioritizing their candidates and approving COVID-19 relief.

Trump’s ouster is based on his own false statements about Badin’s election defeat. Judges across the country, including those nominated by Trump, have repeatedly denied allegations of election fraud, and former Attorney General William Barr has said there is no evidence of widespread fraud.

Some have called for the president to step down, but there is still a long way to go. Linn In 1876, during the administration of Ulysses Grant, Secretary General William Bellk Nap was ousted and the Senate convened a trial months later. The case has been dropped.

Trump He was indicted in 2019 for his alleged links to Ukraine. Their case was dropped by the Senate in 2020.

Associated Press writers Kevin Freking, Andrew Taylor, and Zaki Miller contributed to this report.

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