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Qutalcom has announced that it will acquire Nuvian, one of the many ARM startups we have seen for some time. The acquisition of the KavaCalcom Nuvia shows the company’s multi-year turnaround in its custom CPU designs for many years.

Linn Back in 2017, Quell Centreq had to challenge Intel’s server dominance with more cores, lower TDDs and higher watts per watt performance. That never happened – after developing, displaying and even installing the rooms, Ququelcom found cold feet and went out of business. This may be due to the general immaturity of the ARM server market at the time – AMD finally shut down K12 and for the same reasons focused on x86 – but it is now three years, and ARM server space continues to improve.

Qualcomm Buys They argue that bringing the company to $ 1.4B and bringing the company to it will strengthen development efforts around Snapdragon processors in the future. This seems to be an attempt to find a custom CPU development team that Apple has acquired over the years. The company expects to integrate all of its portfolio products, including major smartphones, next-generation laptops, digital cockpit and ADAS (Advanced Driver Support) solutions. Gerard Williams, Manu Gulti and John Bruno all join the company.

This will be Qualco’s second success in designing its own ARM CPU. Although Quelcom has built its own ARM CPUs in the past, ARM is better than the market at the same time, but in recent years it has been using CPUs that are very close to ARM standard Cortex A-series chips. Modern Snapdragon chips are still closely related to the Cortex family, but they promise to be completely different.

Do the newcomer CPUs still show up on servers?

The omission of one of Qualcomm’s public relations proposals is a statement of future plans for the ARM server market. Quelcom has not commented on the topic, and the acquisition of Nuvia may be intended to revitalize the company’s custom CPU design efforts and introduce a new silicon to the market.

He pointed out that Nuvia’s planned performance could be a big challenge for even one watt x86 and Apple. Qualcomm must have seen something you like.

One of the arguments in the ET over whether the Apple M1 could be a threat to the x86 if Intel’s throne was really vulnerable could encourage another company’s experiment. This purchase and Microsoft statement is only due to the advent of the M1, which claims to be designing its own chips – this is very simple and very monocular – but Quelcom is a novice, Microsoft’s efforts, and M1 itself is an example of how the x86 monopoly cracks around the edge.

The length of the CPU design cycles means we have to wait a few more launches to see how things are actually being designed. With AMD, Intel and new ARM chips coming out, we look at the most exciting CPU market we have had in years. Whether or not the X86 finally wins, the increased competition in the market will benefit everyone.

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