There is no truth to him. At the time of the report, Komo Senior Adviser was on Thanksgiving in WNY


Buffalo, New York (WKBW) – Rich Azozopari, a senior adviser to Governor Andrew Kumo, tweeted on Saturday morning A report by Artvois The governor was grateful in West New York.

Azoparadi took to Twitter at around 9pm on Saturday.

“So @artvoice (owned by the popular fake news site Niagara Reporter) published a crazy piece on the WNY this Thanksgiving. No truth. It was in Albany as planned. More garbage from the garbage dump. The author Theresa Real should be ashamed.

Artvois went on to say that he had never been to the governor’s office.

In the now revised article to include an editorial note

Editor’s note: We are investigating whether it was a deliberate lie to intimidate Governor Andrew Cumon, or “jump to the conclusion”, or whether it was true that Governor Kumo was in the Thanksgiving night. A private home that clearly violates its own order to stay home during the festival to stop the spread of Covi 19.

We first published a post by Teres Real, which was written by a group of protesters who reported that after dark on Thanksgiving, Kumo was escorted by a police escort to his home in Williamsville.

Theresa herself did not say that she had seen the ruler, but she had the word of the opposition and closed it. The story was published by a young editor because it seemed like late news.

The story quickly spread. Various voices were heard to hear the story. Like Twitter, Arthurvoys added that the narrative was in dispute and added an editorial note.

In support of the truth of the story, we are told by an independent source that the road was closed by government troops. Our sister, a photographer published by the Niagara Allsalls Te Reporter, also said on Facebook that she had seen a road blocked by regional troops.

The author of the post, Theresa, went to the venue himself on Thanksgiving. When she got there, she said, “Cuomo is gone.” [if he was ever there]. But the protesters were still there.

On Saturday afternoon, Azopardy said again on his Twitter page

“Now @artvoice is backwards and forwards. Let me be clear: the regime was in Albany and this publication was very irresponsible, shamelessly and deliberately negligent.”

Either way, everything is loving and no matter how trustworthy @artvoice was, they would dump this garbage until they saw their “investigation.”

Arthuris said

“If this story is found to be untrue, then Artevoys will analyze how and why such lies are gaining ground. It’s right there on social media.”

A New York State Police spokesman in Albany made the following statement to WKBW.

“The governor was not in WNY on Thanksgiving.”

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