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We are in the early stages of exploring the universe, and our efforts have received thousands of exposures. We do not yet know if any of them support life, but we do know that one day they will be able to support themselves. In the meantime, the only planet we know for sure will host life. Researchers from Cornell University and Lehi University have turned this question back. We know the earth is alive, but is there anyone else? The new study says, yes, There are 1,004 stars nearby An outsider can see that we are here.

There are more than 4,000 known Foreign bodies Currently, most of them are identified by the Kepler space telescope. We cannot say, “Yes, there is a planet,” referring to any old telescope. We cannot produce individual worlds because the stars are relatively bright. The most common way to identify astronomers and Kepler’s methods is to monitor the planet’s orbit. That is what astronomers often find when they hear of new discoveries.

Here’s the catch: We can only see transmissions if an external solar system aircraft is aligned with us. Otherwise, in our view, the planet will not pass in front of the star. Professors Lisa Calteneger and Joshua Pepper look at this from the other side – which solar systems can observe Earth’s orbit and determine the molecules associated with life in the atmosphere?

Using NASA’s Transit Exploration Satellite Satellite (TESS) Star catalog, they looked at 300 light-years in all directions to find the best solar systems, star-like remains of white dwarfs that could not accommodate aliens. There are a huge number of major stars in this universe, but only a few of them can see the sun in front of them.

The final count is 1,004, according to Pepper and Caltener. Of these, 508 have an angle of observation for at least 10 hours each time the earth revolves around the sun. However, about 5 percent of the planets or stars are not yet fully developed. The rest may have planets that are safe, and two of them have known aliens.

In one of those solar systems, intelligent creatures like us could see the earth darker each year. You can estimate the size of the earth and the distance from the sun, which indicates the possibility of liquid water on it. If they are a little older than we are, they may have a James Webb space telescope that hopes that NASA will start in the next few years after many delays. Such devices can detect the presence of water vapor, methane, phosphorus, and other life-threatening compounds. Perhaps it was at this point that a foreign astronomer realized that someone was looking at them from behind. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

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