The Wild 2020 journey of sports is a 69 percent growth and sustainable growth trend


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Of Sports For many years now, readers here have come to realize that 2020 is a point of contention for the industry. The reasons for this are very clear: the cultural closure at the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic – which closed all IRL athletics competitions – – Space The export spectator was in a perfect position to stand out. The spectator exploded as the number of sporting events unfolded. This, meanwhile, is a trend for the IRL Sports Leagues, Groups, And related industries Invest It has been heavily destroyed in sports.

But now, thank you, 2020 is behind us. So, while the world is still struggling to communicate with COVID-19, most IRL sports are back. Linn Now is the right time to ask two questions in early 2021: What is the real growth of sports in 2020 and what will happen when the world starts to return to normal next year? Well, The numbers are out and they are amazing. The following is an excerpt from Street Hutcht’s analysis by Engine Media Analyst.

According to Stream Hatch, the outbreak in Q1 2020 has led to a significant increase in export flow numbers in Q2. As the year progressed and live entertainment options returned, the trend continued to increase with online and television entertainment options. Streaming data shows that activity levels are high, up 69% over 2019 and 81% by 2018.

There are other key points in the Motor Media report. The number of hours watched on stage in 2020 and 2019 has been doubled (Twitch), especially by female gamers. By 2020, there were 355 million hours of live streams, indicating that tons of brands were hampering the industry’s growth and trying to enter the game. The inclusion of political content in these streaming platforms was also an explosion associated with the 2020 election cycle.

Edward Montessert said, “Streaming hatchtat data proves that video games and exports have made a significant contribution to popular culture. Many live entertainment channels have attracted audiences to remote sports competitions and live streams during the dark ages.” , CEO of Stream Hatchet

In one of the most closely controlled electoral cycles in American history, young people turned to these forums and learned about the political discourse they announced in their elections. The media trends included in this report and They are sure to have more convincing insights by 2021.

Probably the most important aspect of the report is that after the return of RLS to television, the growth trend in export stream did not stop. If that continues, the epidemic is not just a temporary growth spurt, it is a sign that it is likely to die no matter what.

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