The Trump FCC has failed to protect low-income Americans during the health crisis


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In the face of a deadly and historic health crisis, millions of Americans are at risk of being trampled off by economic hardship. At a time when stable energy, broadband and water access are essential for survival, government agencies responsible for representing and protecting public safety are sleeping in vehicles.

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, millions of Americans are at risk of losing access to essential services. Only 21 states prohibit users from discontinuing utilities 179 million Americans The risk of losing these important lifestyles as bills increase and their economic problems accelerate.

It is a problem that extends to broadband communication. Evidence suggests In the developed world, Americans pay a high price for broadband. The epidemic has exacerbated the problem and forced countless students and telephone workers Hug around fast food restaurants Because broadband is not available or affordable in their area.

Millions of Americans are facing mounting bills – but they have not received much help from the federal government.

Linn Trump’s FCC in March InKeep Americans connected”The agreement, a fully voluntary agreement with broadband providers, does not charge late payments or offline users during the crisis.

Despite signing the agreement, some of the country’s largest ISIPs have completely ignored it. Struggling And even some cases Users are disabled offline, This will not happen despite repeated confirmation. There has been little effort by the FCC to ensure that the ISP is keeping its promise or other pandemic-related promises, such as making Wi-Fi hotspots accessible to the public, blocking random bandwidth usage capsules, and Create or expand low fees. Expensive broadband supplies for low-income Americans.

Despite the accelerated epidemic, the empty void at the end of June was a little appreciated and no significant ACC. It ends quietly without action. Under pressure from Congress, the agency asked why the agency did not do much The problem has returned to Congress, Action can only be taken by the legislature if the broadband service providers pay extra.

So what are the results of the Keep America Connected Pact and other ISPs to deal with the epidemic? No one knows. The FCC does not care how many broadband subscribers were fired offline during the outbreak due to non-payment. There is no indication of how many Americans were cut off during the recession, and there is little indication that Trump’s agency is interested in learning.

And the FCC does not know that any of the low-cost broadband offerings have hurt tens of millions of Americans who do not have broadband. It has no capacity, Or because they You do not have access Never to broadband network.

To make matters worse, Trump has removed the FCC’s legal authority over broadband providers and Popular Consumer Protection It protects US consumers from fraudulent payments, sudden surcharges, and the behavior of predators in times of crisis. Without legal authority over broadband service providers, the agency cannot hold on to those promises – they can easily go unpunished. Many already have.

Pinky oaths are simply not enough for vulnerable Americans to work, learn, access health care, and communicate during a historic crisis.

The Communications Act 1934 provides the FCC with greater flexibility to ensure public safety during national emergencies. But when it comes to broadband internet service, this FCCC has no choice but to make consumers suffer from debt by losing essential services.

BDC FCC broadcasts against FBC Restoring power must take precedence. It is important to make sure that all Americans are connected during this crisis and the impending crises. It is also important to protect consumers from inflation, bankruptcy, privacy breaches and unfair market practices.

The next FCC should also gather more accurate information on who and what broadband broadcasts is and why they do not. The FCC’s current data greatly extends to Americans with broadband access and does not take into account the main reasons why many do not accept broadband. When the broadband industry promises to protect consumers and shut down digital distribution, the results must be recorded and made public.

Press releases and promises do not close the digital divide – effective policies and strong control. The American people need an FCC that is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to affordable and robust broadband.

Gigi Sohn is a respected member of the Georgetown Institute of Technology Law and Policy, as well as a senior fellow and public advocate for Benton. She served as an advisor to the former FCC chair from November 2013 to December 2016.

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