The surrogate mother stopped caring for the baby for months after giving birth in Idaho


NAMPA, Idaho – The Idaho woman decided to become a successor after giving birth to Sonon in 2018 because she wanted to give someone else a maternity gift. After consulting with her husband Emily Crisp He started the process February 2019

“We couldn’t imagine what we would do without our own biological child,” Crislip said, “so we started looking for a replacement and applied to some California agencies.

Until September of that year, Emily was chosen to replace the couple in China. When COVID-19 was declared an epidemic and travel restrictions were imposed, the process continued as expected until two months before birth.

“So the plan was to get here before the due date, and we would have them live in the maternity ward. They were going to be part of it, look at her birth. We had our own room and my work was finished by then.

But things did not go as planned. More than four months later, Emily is still caring for the baby, despite her previous plans to deliver the baby as soon as it was born.

“What did some people I really worked with ask about the baby’s parents, and I said, ‘Oh, I don’t know what’s going to happen,’ and that’s what started the conversation, ‘OK, what’s going on? If you can’t get here, is it going to happen?’

Until the natural parents moved to the United States to pick up the baby, the foster care agency had the option of caring for the baby, but Emily and her husband went in and asked her to take care of her.

Emily knew she had put herself in the parent’s arms and needed to take care of the baby.

So we, well, we took care of her, at least four weeks, we can do that, and we are here now and we don’t know when they will come, Crislipp said.

The first hurdle for natural parents to travel to the United States was travel restrictions, but now flights from China to the United States have been reduced to less than a day a week.

Although the future may seem uncertain, Emily says she is not worried about caring for the baby in the meantime.

“So we will continue to take care of her, we will continue to do what we do and when we are here we will take her once a week until there is something more stoned.” .

This story was first published by Stephanie Garby on KVI.

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