The owner of the Arizona store, ‘maskless’, pulled out a gun after arguing with a masked customer


Cave Crack, Aries – A “no mask” policy in a T-shirt shop north of Phoenix, in the wake of shouts, shouts, and finally a shop owner pulling a gun at a customer in November.

The Marikopa County Sheriff’s Office said it is still investigating whether the client or spouse is being prosecuted.

The guest controversy shows how deeply upset the country is when it comes to wearing a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Although there are countless studies that have confirmed that Masks limit the distribution of COVID-19, Store owner Scott Conconi says the Teslangers t-shirt store has a “strict identification policy.”

He even sets up signs in front of the store during the summer, without letting customers know Face mask recommended by CDC.

Linn At the end of November, Everett entered the store wearing a mask.

DeP said he was looking at T-shirts near the front of the store as he approached Sercoi.

“I told this special person that he does not have a special mask policy,” said Particular Rikone.

“He was right on my face, and he hurt me a bit. And he says, ‘Get F out of here or take off your mask.’

“My chest hit me once or twice,” says Serconi Depe.

“I had a concussion because he hit me and pushed me back,” Depp said.

“I was drawing the device then,” said Sircony. Not because he did not have a mask.

Both men submitted police reports to the Marcopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCS). He believed he was the victim of a serious attack. Cercone de P admitted to trespassing in the store.

“I don’t think I should be prosecuted, and I don’t think I should be prosecuted,” he said.

“I don’t think I should be prosecuted, but everyone always says that.

The attorney general’s office said the sheriff’s office was initially shutting down the case without charge. However, the lawyer said that the investigation was reopened later.

“We have been told that MCCC has now referred the matter to the Marcopa County Prosecutor and that Everett has been charged with felony criminal mischief.”

“Investigators are advised to conduct further interviews before presenting to the county attorney,” said a spokesman for Simsoso.

SMS has also confirmed that no charging recommendations or reports have been received.

The event, however, ends with the high political views coming to the forefront of everyday life.

“This is a country of 330 million people, and we have a deep abyss in the middle,” he said.

Cercone does not think his views are too advanced.

I think I am an honest person who I call a spade.

Prior to the election, Sirconi shared a number of politically charged videos on his Facebook page that spread misinformation about election integrity.

if so [Biden] He will win, the election will be stolen, and we will go to war, ”he said in a video.

“Many people who come to the store do not like the direction the country is going and are worried about President Joe Biden’s administration,” he said.

“There are a lot of people who want to fight for the country,” he said.

Sekonei has been threatened with death since the incident.

He changed the policy so that everyone could wear a mask.

In the first police report, MCSA. The Department of Health and Human Services (ADHS) has stated its opposition to the use of masks.

A spokesman for the ADHS said it was responsible for enforcing Maricopa County.

The ADHS Mask Authority covers restaurants, gyms, movie theaters and water parks at the behest of the regime. It is important to use a mask in these businesses. When he came to other places, he said, “ADS spokesperson.

This story was first published on that crane KNXV In Phoenix.

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