The government argued in court that they could kill American citizens at will, with zero judicial control


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The federal government has returned to court, arguing that it has a one-sided right to kill American citizens. Two journalists mistakenly caught in a plane crash In 2017, he sued the governmentThey want an order to prevent their own government from killing them illegally.

Journalists Ahmed Zeidan and Bilal Kerem both escaped the plane crash. Suspicion that they were mistakenly confirmed by NSA document Al Jazeera’s Eddie Snowden claims that Zidane was a member of al-Qa’eda. The target was linked to the government’s mass stockpile, which brought al-Qaida closer to several al-Qa’eda members. Al Qaeda members were expected to be close to each other, as there were reports of al-Qa’eda activities and other incidents in the area.

Only metadata is needed for a person to be killed – even Americans like Bilal Karem, who regularly cover al-Qa’eda’s activities and talk to al-Qa’eda members, like Zeidan. Kareem’s only case, which is seeking to be included in the government’s death list, is by b DC District Court In 2019The information was that it was very emotional for Americans to share with those marked by their own government.

His accusations against Zidane continue. And finally, he may give some answers to the journalists. Megan Miniro told the Court News Service that The DC judges dealing with the case appear to be shocked by government statements.

A U.S. attorney issued an alarm in the DC district on Monday arguing that the government has the power to kill its citizens without due process.

“Do you appreciate how unusual this idea is?” U.S. District Judge Patricia Millet said in a statement that Justice Department attorney Bradley Henshow had the ability to “decide to kill one American citizen.”

Proof of “government secrets” is the same question used to avoid Kareem’s only accusation. But it does not seem to be working properly at this time – the government is not saying that I am involved in the killing of Americans and other non-terrorists. “We are killing people based on metadata,” said a former U.S. government official They were overjoyed To respond to Snowden flows. That is still true, and the government seems to be losing sleep when it comes to killing the wrong people based on misconceptions in the metadata system.

Government alternatives were not much better. “Basically, the United States has not been able to prove that the United States has targeted many people with bombs and missiles,” he said.

The government has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Syria’s nuclear program have been made more than once.

“In all of this, he is not just a human being, he is very small, there is evidence that he is the target of one of these special attacks,” said Hinscheld.

In fact, the government can easily prove that it has never targeted these journalists by providing information on competing aircraft attacks. But it is not. He prefers to argue that he can kill anyone he wants without control and without judicial review. Plaintiffs prefer to make this statement in court before giving it directly to the judges and lawyers by providing a security statement confirming or denying that they have been placed on the murder list. Government priorities have been incredibly void. We also have a long and meaningless “war on terror” to thank him for refusing to answer questions about the strike programs – perhaps programs that target innocent people (including US citizens).

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