The FBI has arrested a WNY man who was involved in a Capitol attack


Federal officials searched Peter Harding’s checkpoint Wednesday morning but were not there.

Pete Harding

A Westerner who was arrested in Capitol during last week’s brutal attack is a Czech man.

The arrest of Pete Harding is the second time that Donald Trump, the President of the United States House of Representatives, has been indicted for “inciting” unrest.

Harding’s lawyer confirmed his arrest Wednesday night, but the FBI They refused to comment.

Harding’s close friend told News 4 that Harding was arrested at EMA around 4pm at his friend Elma’s home.

“We were just trying to keep going,” said Rob Weimmer, a longtime friend of Harding.

Wimmer FBI When they told him to stay outside, he said that he had just entered the street of a friend. At the time, Harding was unaware that he was in the house until he was safely chained to a law enforcement vehicle.

Wemer said he was a member of both the March Patriots and the Rolling Patriots.

Harding told News 4 last week that he had never used any force during his stay in the capital and had protested peacefully. He also said that the use of Beach Letter to burn a piece of plastic on a pile of damaged media was not a threat to the media.

Hardwood, which has been snatched from plastic to plastic, has been captured by several photographers and widely circulated on social media.

Harding told News 4 this week that he had video footage confirming that he had not used force in the capital, where five people were killed, inside and outside the capital.

“Not only did they enter the building peacefully, they entered the building peacefully, but they were allowed to enter the building by Capitol police protesters,” said Harding’s lawyer, Jason Depasqual.

He took part peacefully with the police and did so when asked to leave.

Harding has held several rallies and protests in the region, most notably in front of IFE County Executive Mark Poloncars in Buffalo. He also opposed the Covenant-19 laws enforced by Governor Andrew Kumo, including the closure of businesses and requiring people to wear masks. County health inspectors and their representatives tried to close the gymnasium because of the large number of people inside during the epidemic, according to an Athlete’s edition published at Orcard Park in November.

Describing those rallies and protests as “always peaceful and peaceful,” Dipskule said that no one has ever been brutally arrested or imprisoned.

When he organized protests and demonstrations over the past 10 months, that was not only his identity or beliefs, but also his incompatibility.

Tuesday night the FBI. He released a poster with a photo of Hardjin and sought more information about other people believed to have been in the capital at the time of the attack.

The next morning, Chektawaga’s house was under house arrest before he was searched by federal agents.

Harding is expected to appear in federal court in Buffalo tomorrow. The lawyer said it was unclear what federal officials were accusing him of.

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