The court ruled that Trump had no authority to expel the Open Technology Fund Board. He says they will stay in place


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Linn In July, we wrote about how Trump appointed Steve Bannon, Minke, and Michael Park to lead US Global Media (USAGM), an organization that oversees independent media organizations, including Voice of America, Radio Free. Europe / Radio Freedom, Radio Free Asia and the Middle East. The He planned to make them government-sponsored Brittany. That process has begun, including that recent experiment Investigate Voice of America Journalists Concerning the Leader

But perhaps the biggest concern for us was the need to completely upgrade the Open Technology Fund. OTF is often associated with USAGM for heritage reasons. First of all, donate money to Radio Asia Free Spl Open source anti-censorship tools For activists around the world. The work and money to make free speech around the world is very important – and for some unknown reason, Pak, Bannon and their friends wanted to change that completely, taking it away from opening source projects and putting it in a very suspicious state. Source projects.

Pak told the OTF chief that he had been fired shortly after joining USAGM, and that the entire OTF had been fired during the protest. He fired the board and said he would appoint a new board and chief executive. This resulted Even accusations and Republican senators Asking what the whisper package is doing.

In true traffic fashion, Park simply ignored Congress, and in fact He ignored the call from the House of Representatives To answer questions about what USAGM did. He had to appear before Congress to respond to a newspaper call. Opening RFP Ask new sellers to take over the role of OTF by building censorship circuits.

A few days later, the senior USGMA, including the Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Consultant, Executive Director, Deputy Director of Operations and Directors of Administration Services. Filed an informational complaint With the United States Department of State, all U.S.G.M. After the release of all of them with the permission of the administration, they feared that the organizations were creating a real problem by undermining their ability to do their work. For example, one informant was particularly concerned about the OTF spending and how it would hurt the opposition in Hong Kong.

N. Mr Power’s subsequent crackdown on Chinese authorities and local authorities have raised serious concerns about the speed of the MH package in Hong Kong’s ability to support USGM’s Internet freedom tools. Mr. Power, in particular, said the spending ban was against USGM. He said it was putting journalists at great risk and that it was necessary to release them to ensure that USGM journalists and their audiences were free from surveillance and persecution. Mr. Park’s lack of support for Internet freedom tools has caused some physical harm to USGMM journalists.

For that, Park successfully fired him.

However, in the end, there is at least some good news. A few days ago, Pak released the entire OTF. Replace the Board and the Chief Justice with dismissal of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer. No, he can never do that. Of course, it is right in the OTF rules that only the Board can dismiss the executive or replace the members of the board.

According to the bylaws, neither the OTF nor the International Broadcasting Law (“IBA”) does require a general request from the USGG General Manager’s Disposal and Replacement Authority.

The OTF bylaws stipulate that the Board of Directors is responsible for the election or revocation of the Board of Directors. The bylaws: “Individuals shall be elected by a majority of the Board of Directors for a term of three years or hold office until the end of his or her term as permitted by 22 USC 6203 et seq. His or her term and until his or her successor is elected and qualified, or may relinquish or relinquish his or her previous powers or may be authorized by 22 USC 6203 et seq.

The OTF bylaws also give the board of directors the power to fill vacancies on the board: “Any vacancy in the board of directors due to dismissal or dismissal may be filled by a majority of the remaining directors. The elected director shall remain in office for the remainder of the previous term or until his / her successor is elected and qualified or assumes his / her previous position. ”

The court ruled that the board of directors did not agree to dismiss them and did not agree to appoint a new board.

The board of directors did not vote among the new directors that Park tried to appoint …

Section 6.12 of the OTF Regulation contains the only clear way to remove directors: “Any director may be removed from office by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of those directors present at the board meeting. The plenary shall be present if all directors, including the outgoing directors, are notified of this meeting for at least ten (10) days.

The Board of Directors did not vote to remove any director who attempted to remove the package.

There are no other provisions in this OTF bylaw.

The court ruled in favor of the OTF. Explains how incredibly damaged an unusual coup attempt was.

The removal and replacement of the former OTA board of directors has left the OTF without clear leadership. This confusion has prevented the OTF from making decisions on behalf of a non-profit corporation, including the inability to provide financial support to potential partners or potential partners.

Park and the U.S.A. Actions have eroded OTF’s credibility as an organization. The content of OTF-funded projects often means that partner organizations and individuals who are citizens of repressive governments are at risk – even if their lives are at stake. However, the OTF was able to work with these partners to promote Internet freedom because they believed it would ensure their identity and the safety of their work. Despite long-standing uncertainty over the legitimacy of the organization’s leadership, this confidence in the OTF will continue to erode. Without the trust of their partners, OTF will not be able to fulfill its mission of expanding Internet freedom efforts.

As a result of these conflicts, OTF has been banned from trading in foreign exchange payment services, increasing transaction fees and adding to the company’s financial burden.

These actions have led to serious delays in the ability to hire the necessary staff, including delays in the recruitment of six vacancies critical to the management and control of OTF applications and projects …. A sudden change in leadership also threatens the loss of the organization. Including professional staff, researchers, technologists and regional experts. Lack of such staff may hinder OTF’s ability to carry out its mission.

The end result? The court ruled that Pac should take the fake board and go home. The original board and CEO are the head of the OTF.

Accordingly, the plaintiff’s plaintiff’s right to summarize the trial was demonstrated in plain language by the plaintiff. The main board is the only real board.

Then the first board is the right board, the ones removed by the pack are invalid and its replacement board is also invalid. We hope that this is the end of the deliberate destruction of Pakistani institutions that protect the freedom of speech, but I doubt it will happen anyway.

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