The collapse of the broadband market forced Americans to build their own ISPs


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For decades now, as a result of the collapse of the telecom market in the United States, a growing number of American cities and towns have been exposed to broadband. Disappointed by high prices, lack of competition, coverage and terrible customer service, some 750 American cities and towns They explored a community broadband option. And while the telecom industry is keen to say that these efforts are always in jeopardy, that has never been true. Of course, despite bad business plans and bad leaders, studies show that such services are not the only ones Unusual customer satisfaction outcomes for large private ISPs, Present frequently Better service at a lower, more transparent price From many private providers

The last issue is numerical Arsi Technic A Michigan resident who started building his own ISP after the “market” was able to serve his address even in a way that is close to the current generation of broadband speeds.

I had to start a telephone company to get it [high-speed] Internet access in my home, “Mach b Latest presentation Information about the new ISP, which serves its own home in Scythia County near Anne Arbor, as well as a few dozen other homes in Washington County.

If you take Gander in ‘A’ Map, We are not talking about the middle of the desert. It is one of the longest-running communities in the USSP. The price tag was better than most Americans, especially low-income Americans who were already stuck on the wrong digital partition before COVID came to town.

“Machch said it cost about $ 145,000, of which $ 95,000 went to the contractor who delivered most of the fiber optics. The fiber lines are about six meters below ground and in some cases less than 10 or 20 feet to remove gas pipes and other obstacles. ”

His problem is far from over. American telephone companies are effective Offered on permanent residential broadband Companies such as Comcast from A.D. Leaving with to focus on wireless advertising Growing monopoly In countless American markets. Billions though billions Subsidies, Tax payments, And Doubtful control favors The country’s telecom monopolies are under scrutiny, with an estimated 83 million Americans having only one provider choice and 43 million zero Options This is a clear market failure, but there is one cottage industry that is a general industry partner that pretends to be that None of this is happening right now.

This is a clear market failure and our failure to complete our full 20-year period is very bad (remember Trump FCC and related industry BFFs) He couldn’t even admit it The market is not competitive or monopoly is a problem). But when frustrated and angry communities decide to build their own networks, happiness begins.

First, such efforts are quick Charges By ISPs who do not want to serve these areas, but do not want anyone other Do the same. Then they will face a wave of bullshit information when the industry is financially supported and tested by a majority (the rule is very strict) Share such frustrating efforts as socialism Or Even contempt for free speech. If that is not enough, they will also face bullshit protection laws. In more than 20 states, al passed l And the spirit of these creative, local efforts by industry lobbyists As hard as possible.

Community broadband is not some secret solution. But if society wants it, it is the right idea for communities that have been lagging behind for twenty years to improve their own infrastructure. Best of all, such efforts always lead to lazy monopolies Trying a little harder With one and two punches limited competition and boring chicken controllers often do. But instead of accepting these efforts, our industry-controlled regulators have chosen to trap communities by imitating that. Blind Taxpayer Subsidy, The unwise rule, and additional combinations are going to somehow adjust the expanded monopoly control.

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