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According to the Corvalis Police Department, Oregon hitting large and immovable objects at a speed of more than 100 m / s could have a devastating effect on everything in the area. From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., city police responded to a car crash, shouting “hitting a power pole and two trees and a telephone box.”

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Damage from the crash caused Tesla’s batteries to break through windows and enter two separate homes, one on a man’s lap and the other on his bed. During the collision, a tire was pulled out of the car, breaking the water pipes in the wall, hitting a second floor in a nearby apartment, lowering the bathroom to the apartment, and flooding the basement. .

One of the Model 3 battery cells. Corvalis Police Department

No matter what you think of Tesla, let’s pause and reflect on what this success is. In a matter of seconds, a single Model 3 began working briefly as an electrician, landscape, and telephone technician before entering the home. Truly a vehicle for our time.

Tesla goes into some trouble to make sure there are battery compartments in your car Don’t When there is a conflict, take a flight. But the nature of this effect was clearly enough to solve any problem that the manufacturer had set up. Previous tears from the Model 3 battery pack show that the cells were packed in high-strength Epico.

Uncontrolled vehicle problems are, of course, limited to BVs. I once lived a short distance from a steep hill about half a mile down a three-mile[3 km]crossroads. It was directly across the street from the crossroads. I could not help but wonder what it was like to drive a car and sit in the chimney one day later. Any one-ton vehicle moving at three-speed speeds is doomed.

There, in a situation like this, there seems to be a special problem for BVs. According to a series of posts, Model 3 batteries can last for as long as touched and can burn for up to 24 hours after unauthorized dispersal. Such an accident – especially the length of time you are at risk due to leprosy – may seem significant in some cases. Tesla’s calendar solution shows that the problem has been identified, but there may be reason to reconsider. It is not clear if individual cells remain at high risk for a second ignition after being disconnected from the main battery, or if most fires are immediately re-affected.

The driver survived the accident, which seems to be a good thing, at least for Tesla. The vehicle, needless to say, did not.

Behavior image by Corvalis Police Department

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