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Space X’s fully-fledged Falcon 9 launch system has enabled it to put things in place more than ever before, and in 2018 it began using that capability to launch Starlink Internet satellites. It is ready Start testing the service on a specific basis. A few of those lucky ones who received invitations to try out the service will pay a very high initial fee, and the speeds are not surprising. Satellite Internet is still a new generation.

According to the official X space census, only 900 people are shy Starlink The nodes in the Earth’s orbit —About 3 percent Low-cost space shuttle launches fail. In any case, that makes it unique to Spacex, the world’s largest satellite operator, and has many more launch plans. Space X is licensed to launch 12,000 Internet satellites, but has requested permission to increase that number by 30,000. These numbers are attributed to astronomers because large satellites have the potential to interfere with the observation of distant objects and events. He said Space X is looking for ways to reduce vulnerability, but is not slowing down deals.

Space X has now decided to launch an official beta test with all those satellites. According to the invitations for the “Better Better” beta, those selected for the test will have to pay an advance of $ 500 at the “Final Negotiation Terminal” to receive the mark. It comes with an installation trip and a Wi-Fi router, but the dish (above) is better installed on your roof. It costs another $ 100 for those brackets, but that’s what you need to do if you want to use the service for a long time.

What does the Space Starline satellite look like in orbit?

Monthly cost SpaceX is $ 99 for a connection that believes it will run at 50-150Mbps with a delay in the neighborhood of 20-40ms. This is too fast to stream for most videos, and can even be used for video chat. Most wired broadband connections have a delay of less than 20ms. Space X also notes that there will be no contact times during the beta following the free trial program launched earlier this year. When you pay $ 100 for the service, people are more likely to be forgiving and to say, “It’s better than nothing.”

Currently, all experiments are limited to North America, but CEO Elon Musk has discussed expanding the program to southern Canada. The company has promised to cover the world by 2021, which may seem a little generous. Beta is still one step in the right direction.

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