Saka Baron asks Cohen to remove Facebook plots; Facebook will copy the text when it removes the fraudulent images


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About a year ago, Sasha Baron Cohen gave a crucial speech on how the Anti-Defamation League Facebook was evil We wrote in a balanced way because they refused to talk about bad things on stage. Complete disclaimerAt the same time, they point out that SBU misunderstands his humor – he is often seen as showing partial prejudice against the people he makes. Although this may be true in some cases, I think it is a much stronger argument, in many cases, the people who play with his partner are more likely to Trying to be good An uncomfortable idiot playing SBC in front of them. In social interactions that do not result, so many people take reasonable action. Instead of teaching why the ignorant talk about prejudice, they simply joke about it. The people he encounters are not ignorant, they are not bigots, but they are people who try to be him and humiliate him.

His action on Facebook has similarly flashed. And finally, Borat is aiming for the film with Facebook. We won’t go in there, but I want to understand this little funny thing. A few weeks ago, Baron Cohen again asked the company on the pages of Time magazine on Facebook Do more to block conspiracy theories and misinformation. In a magazine titled “COVID-19 Is a Hoax”, one person described the story as a masterpiece (I leave aside the question of why anyone who believes he is a liar should still wear a mask).

In fact, when you post something to Facebook, it usually takes the original image and links it to the story. So if you post a Baron Cohen article, the image is of the person with that facial expression, saying that the plague is false.

So Facebook blocked people from linking to the article.

In other words, Facebook did exactly what Baron Cohen asked them to do for a year: to block information on lies and conspiracy theories. They think that this will make them happy. But, no. It just made him crazy:

He asked them to download some content and they did. And that’s because he’s still crazy His Content

In fact, it also shows how well he understands content metrics. Baron Cohen is clearly discerning. I really want to talk to an expert on content moderation to understand how this works. Or maybe just Listen to that radiolab episode It is still useless to say about Facebook content modesty, “Hire more people on a modest and honest check.” Facebook it has He hired many people to conduct a thorough and objective inspection.

The company has on the last count 15,000 content moderators in the United States alone (And many more). But all of those users need standard rules to be fairly balanced. And those rules may include something in the COVID-19 line that says “We will not allow fake posts.” It is ridiculous to say that “if an angry comedian is displaying articles that he does not know about our experiences in such a picture.”

If he expects the company to be quick to block conspiracy theories and misinformation, then everyone will take the time to read all the details, understand the cultural context of his article. The photo attached to the text is being used to point out (incorrectly and incorrectly), and then you decide that this is good. Because every content modification decision had to go through that process, it would be boring to the end, and Baron Cohen would be even more upset because More conspiracy theories and lies The moderators spend all their time learning how to deal with liars instead of trying to keep Cohen in the lurch.

In any case, Saka Baron Cohen’s fear is another example here The concept of masculine intolerance In practice. Content moderation seems very simple until the content scale is adjusted.

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