Public opinion: Half adults are classified as neutral, with a high interest in a third party


Washington DC – A recent The choice of gallop Half of all American adults are now politically neutral, which is the percentage of the analytics company surveyed by an election poll.

The same opinion polls in late January and early February determined that support for a third political party in the United States was at an all-time high, with 62% of adults saying, “Parties do such a poor job on behalf of the American people.” A party is needed, ”he said. This is an increase of 57% from September.

Gallup first applied for a third party interest in 2003. At the time, most Americans did not think it was necessary, with 56% of the parties doing enough to represent the American people and 40% saying a third party was needed. .

If Americans believe Democrats and Republicans are doing it, 33% believe the two major parties are doing enough to represent the people. In 2013, out of a 26% reading, the lowest percentage expressed this view

The poll showed Americans’ positive support for the Republican Party dropped by 37%, with 48% optimistic about the Democratic Party.

The GOP inconsistency is compounded by the fact that Republicans are more likely to be free to represent third parties. Neutralists are often more likely to adopt this view.

Gallip says Republicans want a third party record when they decide to stay loyal to former President Donald Trump or leave him.

Currently, 68% of Republicans prefer Trump to remain party leader, while 31% want the party to have a new leader. However, Republicans are divided, with 47% wanting Trump to stay in power and 51% voting for a new vote.

The survey also asked what Republicans and independent parties supporting the GOP want to see the party move forward. The 40% majority wants the party to be more conservative, 34% to remain the same and 24% to be moderate.

The bottom line is that Americans’ interest in third parties has never been greater on the organization’s agenda for almost two decades.

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