Police love body camera footage … when it clears officers of any wrongdoing


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The police saidtell me“It’s very clear and they still don’t seem to be. Every time something suspicious comes down, one has to ask for the footage.”

Law enforcement agencies will do this if the recording approves the police (or at least calls them close). Release The recording, often without anyone asking. If possible Violations Or a Questionable murder, Police delay or deny the release of the recording. In some cases No recording Never registered. In others, the recording It will disappear.

This “telling” was recently highlighted in an ACL post. Comparing the response of two law enforcement agencies. Excludes certain provisions, policies and public records to prove that it does not immediately verify the actions of the authorities, chooses to prohibit, and lacks transparency.

The other high-ranking official, however, chose to keep an eye on the public, hoping to support his controversial actions, showing that the target was not as bad as the target.

First, we have a recording that frees a law enforcement officer. Earlier this month, Florida law enforcement raided the home of a former government employee whose COVID data center – COVID statistics – had been tampered with. Match failed Statement: “All is well.” The informant informed the police that the gun pointed at the child and Otherwise he has acted too much Given the type of case.

This is true even though active body camera footage has been released. Gunmen raided a house on suspicion of a number of abductions. In fact, the situation was more muddy, involving a regional system of government Allows people to share a password And it’s a dangerous message. When computer crime was responded to by officers who were licensed to use firearms and lethal force, things went awry. Yes, law enforcement is there to enforce the law, but keyboard fighters use keyboards instead of guns. Gunmen entering the house are facing serious “danger” officers.

After registering with the press and social media, the law enforcement agency decided to clean up the air. But don’t be happy. This “transparency” had a clear goal – and that goal was not to put the agency at the top of the transparency charts.

[I]n The Florida Case of the Police Department shows camera footage doing more limited than regional police say. As a result, CNN found that the CNN was actually an “unusual activity.” Body camera footage released Publicly, and they did it quickly. There was transparency, but only because it was popular with the police.

This “invasion” was not a small invasion. That’s why Florida State Police The body camera released the recording.

The two videos released by the department show that Jones officers did not leave her home in Talahasi about 23 minutes after the first bell rang and 15 minutes after identifying himself as a police officer.

There is a lot of clarity when the police make them look like good people. Things are more questionable, and the police, like the legal experts, have been arguing over the years for a long time. Free pass Misinterpreting laws.

On November 19, Omaha police shot and killed a 35-year-old black man in the back seat of a parked car. The policeman had a gun, and the fight with that gun led to his death. But there is reason to ask for that narrative. And that’s why every government agency and law enforcement official has been denied access to those recordings.

Despite calls from the camera and immediate clarity of the incident, the Obama Police Department refused to release the recording, despite Nebraska’s strong government tradition. This decision, to understand correctly He was angry The people. Omaha Deputy Mayor Bernard in Den Bosch and Recognition “Body camera videos in the state of Nebraska may be public information,” he said. Except They work to prevent public information from being made public. ”

The same goes for Omaha Police. Police say he just died (But not as much as the “suspect”) In order to release the recording, the laws surrounding the High Court’s investigation prevent him from doing so. This is a specific interest rate.

According to the ACLU, recordings that could “influence” the great judges are always released. And those who are released rarely change the great judges of the police. The recording shows a number of questionable police killings – often recorded by non-police officers – however, senior judges It rarely fails To enter Favor of the police, Even though I am being accused All other non-government cam sandwiches Crossing their path.

And this is supposed to be a tool of accountability in fact work out . The police will release footage that will make the police look good. They forbid everything else. Sadly, the police thought they were helping them. But it is not. It is not hard to imagine that officers were created at any time when law enforcement refused to release the recording (or the recording was lost, etc.). Until they become clear within them Each Condition, this assumes.

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