Nancy Pelosi sold to the public: agrees to make major copyright amendment ‘must pass’


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I know everyone is focused on Trump’s attempt to take part in the NDAA Section 230, but the same important issue is that Congress members are trying to bid and try Hollywood. sneak giant copyright upgrade Government account you must pass. The Case law There are a number of problems that we have not discussed, which can lead to a wave of copyright infringement for those who share copyright by accident or impunity. There are also Critical constitutional issues, As it circulates in Title 3 courts, bringing disputes to the executive with respect to private rights. That is not allowed.

But really from discussing those issues and debating and adjusting the bill Constitutional And It protects the peopleWe have heard from three different sources that Nancy Pelosi has decided at home to include the CASE law in her bankruptcy account. As we said earlier this week, if you are trying to pay the bill by adding options to the account, it is because you are to know It has problems and causes major issues And you just don’t care Because the policy of pleasing donors is very important. Hollywood was shouting at the bill, and Pelosi agreed.

If you are a Pelosi, I strongly recommend that you go to her office and strongly oppose any attempt to attach CASE to any registration account. It is unfortunate that it ignores the many concerns raised in the draft law and what it will do to people across the country (especially in the midst of the epidemic). You do not have to go through this account now, and of course you do not have to do it this way. It is important to reach out to your House of Representatives, even if you are not a member of the House of Representatives. The good guys have passed on the FF Have a comfortable dandy shape Under the heading “Four courts do not allow Internet users to go bankrupt”.

A lot of people have commented on CASE law, and there are a lot of suggestions on how to fix the bill. To this day, Congress has ignored these repairs. This is a controversial draft law that should not be entered into by such a slippery slope. Make sure Congress understands this.

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