Location information obtained by CBP comes from phone applications and is able to track people at both borders


More details are emerging from local data buyers on federal data acquisition. In February The Wall Street Journal reported There was both IS and CPP By purchasing a large amount Information from Venntel, using this information to track people illegally in this country. The information was “anonymous”, which the CBP felt was sufficient to address any constitutional concerns. Of course, the more information you have, the easier it is for you Make it anonymous. And if it is really unknown and cannot be turned into a search engine, there is no reason for ICE and CBP to buy it.

This led to some congressional inquiries. The House Oversight and Reform Committee investigated federal agencies’ acquisition of Ventel location information. This test did not stop CBP Renewing the contract Continue to explore with the current controversial broker and the edges of this legal gray area.

A few months later, it was revealed that the IRS was buying location information from Venttel, possibly in hopes of prosecuting tax fraud. Senators Ron Weeden and Elizabeth Warren asked the IRS to look into the matter. The Inspector General has already stated that he has responded An investigation is underway To find out if the IRS has misappropriated this location information, it agrees with the Supreme Court Carpenter Decision, Issued a command prompt for cell site location.

Additional documents obtained by motherboard Explain where all this controversial information came from. It is not a tower of Google or cell vendors, but a collection of location data for a large number of data masters from any mobile application.

The US Customs and Border Protection (CPP) has purchased “international” location data collected from ordinary applications installed on people’s phones, which means it can track devices even outside the US borders, according to a document obtained by the motherboard.


A former Ventnel staffer who bought the local information from CBEP told Motherboard that I know I can find signs in non-US states, but they may be US users.

This explains why CBP and ICE are interested in this special information. It is much easier to look for illegal immigrants when you start following them from across the border. It is very important for these agencies that the ISR cannot find the suspect it wants in the Ventel database.

That is why the CBP is forced to continue throwing money at the seller who is being targeted by the IRS under investigation and indirectly. Regardless of the implications of the fourth amendment, it is important to note.

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