Kim Villancort is asking for prayer as she stops her brain cancer treatments


Valanlart’s family said in a statement Thursday night that cancer was growing rapidly and that Kim would not take long.

Tonawanda, New York – Kim Vylanlart, owner of Tonawanda and mother of six, has been diagnosed with two new cancers in her brain and is praying for treatment.

2 Following Kim’s heroic journey by your side. Linn Linn Linn In December 2015, for the first time, she was diagnosed with glaucoma and an abnormal brain cancer.

The test came just days after raising three small children. Kim and his wife, Phil, were expecting a third child when Kim was examined. In order to keep the newborn healthy, she boldly chooses to stop cancer treatment in time. Baby Wayatt was born healthy on April 8, 2016.

At first, doctors thought that Kim would be only one year old, but she exceeded her expectations and had a precious time with her family for the past five years.

To see the history of Villalancort for the first time since February 2016. Click here.

The family said in a statement on Facebook on Thursday night that an MRI in November showed two new points on the brain. They have grown rapidly, and doctors say she is often left behind.

The family is grateful for the support and love of their friends, family, and strangers and is asking for continued prayers.

If you would like to help the family in additional ways, please donate to the family Go Fund M Page, Or send gift cards and support letters to your family friend Jenna Koch (, 431 Adams St., Tonawanda, New 14150.

Below is a full description of the Villalancort family Stay tuned for Kim’s strong Facebook page:

Linn On November 4, Kim went to MRI for two more points. After talking to the doctor and her family, Kim decided that she did not want to continue her treatment. For the past two months, she has enjoyed family and friends, vacations, holidays, and doctor appointments.

Last week, Kim noticed that her headache was a little severe, that she was very tolerant of screaming, that there were swelling on her face and that there were changes in her vision, and that they were causing her a lot of pain. Her doctor sent her to an MRI on Saturday, and she called Monday for the results.

MRI shows that the spots increase rapidly and begin to notice more defects where the tumors are growing. The doctor talked to Kim about it, and she never left.

Kim’s dresses are still good. Her family was sad to leave the earth, but she knew that God’s plan was greater than anything we could ever see. She went home to her Eternal Father and was safe.

For Kim and his family, in terms of Kovid. We make a slightly different style of food train. If anything, we ask for gift cards from restaurants, Grub Hab, Ber Dash, Wagmans, etc. .. Some of my favorite restaurants are Carababa, Chi hip, Rachel, MacDonald, Subway, Red Robin, Red Pepper and Fat Mans. The Kim Go Fund is still active and will be posted below.

I know that such people always want to know what they can do to help. Now, as always, the big question is prayer. Prayers for Kim and her family will be a joy.

If you would like to share, please include them below. Also, any pictures of Kim with her would be a pleasure to see.

You guessed it, this is heartbreaking news that we share. Please respect the family as we spend as much time with Kim as we can. Please direct any inquiries about Go Fund Me or Covd Style Food Train to jena (

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support you have given to our family over the past five years. We may not be able to speak very often, but we can hear everything we do. You have helped us to stay strong.

Now let’s raise those prayers for Kim! We pray for Kim as you move to be with your Heavenly Father for as little pain as possible. We pray that you will feel loved. We pray that Phil and his children find comfort and have a wonderful quality time with you! we love you!

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