Joseph R. Biden Jr. was elected the 46th President of the United States


Joe Biden confirms the 270 votes needed to defeat incumbent President Donald Trump.

The Associated Press called Pennsylvania Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday and Sunday at 11:25 p.m.

Democrat Joe Biden has won more than 270 votes to take over the White House and become the 46th president of the United States.

Biden also traveled to Arizona, Wisconsin and Michigan to win the presidency in 2016, beating President Donald Trump.

Pennsylvania is a must-have for Trump.

I am honored by the United States for choosing me to lead our great country. The work ahead will be difficult, but I promise you that I will be president of all Americans – whether you vote for me or not. “I will keep your faith in me,” Biden said on Twitter.

Biden, 77, was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and began his career as “Scrantton and Park Avenue” to compare his work ethic to that of Trump.

Biden’s victory came after more than three days of uncertainty over the number of ballot papers by election officials to delay voting.

Trump He became the first incumbent president to lose an election in 1992, after Republican George W. Bush.

Along with the Associated Press, ABC, CBS, NBB, CNN and Fox News called it a presidential race.

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President Trump has been trying to weaken his confidence in the election. As the election draws to a close, Trump has amended allegations of widespread voter fraud.

“We all know why Joe Biden is so quick to win and why the media has worked so hard to help him. They don’t want the truth to be exposed,” Trump said. Charges.

What can happen next?

Since election day, Trump has been campaigning for the Republican presidency in a bid to improve the chances of the Republican president, announcing he wants to reconsider in Wisconsin and has filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia. Election officials in Georgia say the race will be held automatically.

Despite his long career, Trump’s campaign has faced legal challenges in many states. He had to win many constituencies in order to get 270 votes. Trump has said he will take his case to the US Supreme Court, but it is unclear whether he will be able to do so.

Some of Trump’s accusations have called for better access to campaign observers in areas where election campaigns are being held and counted. Less than 12 hours after the trial, a judge in Georgia dismissed the campaign. And a Michigan judge dismissed accusations that GOP advocates were not getting enough votes.

When will the results be announced?

Over the next several weeks, each region will determine the outcome of the presidential election. Following this, the Electoral College will meet on December 14.

Each political party elects its electorate before the election. The candidate of their party who won which candidate will represent that region in the Electoral College.

If there is an election dispute related to the presidential race, the states must resolve it by December 8th. Due to the court trials expected by both parties in 2020, these disputes could be many.

Occasionally, some of these voters went to the polls and decided to ignore the results of their constituency and vote for another candidate. The Supreme Court ruled in June that it had the right to punish or expel the so-called “unbelievers” if they did not comply with the will of their constituents.

A simple ballot is needed to win 270. It does not matter what happens in the general election.

What happens if you don’t accept President Trump?

There are no rules that require a candidate to publicly believe in an election. But it has been a tradition for every US presidential election since 1896, and two days after that election, William Jennings Brian sent a short telegram to his opponent, William McKinley.

Although no mandate has been given to the candidates, he has made it clear that the 20th Amendment will end at noon on January 20.

President Donald Trump’s term ends at noon on January 20, 2021.

Reality checks

President Trump has raised a number of false questions about the integrity of the election. These claims are mostly focused on the battlefields behind Joe Biden. Many Democrats voted by ballot in the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory over Republican voters. In fact, Trump himself has encouraged his supporters not to vote.

In some states, including Pennsylvania and Michigan, Trump was leading in the polls after election day, but the number was much higher than Biden. This was to be expected and is not evidence of widespread voter fraud or voter fraud. It is common to count votes after election day.

Full list Accuracy: Trump’s post-election speech Thursday

Trumpet “If you count the legitimate votes, I will easily win. If you count illegal votes, you may try to steal the vote from us. If you count late votes. Although we were watching them closely, many voices came late.

This claim is FALSE in several stages.

At this time, no state reported reporting “illegal” or “delayed” voting. His talk about “late voices” is also misleading. At this time, there were no reports of “late” ballot papers being processed.

The National Assembly of State Legislators has detailed consequences when states stop receiving elections by post. In all states, as long as the election day is on election day, it is perfectly legal no matter how long it takes. Many states also allowed post-election ballots to be counted as of November 3.

Like America

Voter fraud is considered a federal election crime. Trump’s campaign did not provide what he called “illegal votes,” and his group did not provide any evidence.

Sources: Government Legislative Conference,

Trumpet We have really won in all the key places. And our numbers miraculously began to shake. ”

Preliminary results from several states showed President Trump leading the vote, but the state will not be defeated until all the votes have been counted.

When the VERIFY team checked on Wednesday, there were no surprising or “miraculous” changes in the voting results. With more votes counted in all states, there were total changes in one night’s vote.

Election officials in many states have been warning for weeks that the results could not be known on election day and that the results of the ballot papers could take longer than on election day.

Sources: “President Trump is falsely changing the outcome of the election,” the Michigan State Department said in a statement.

Trumpet And as you know, I have asked for some states and he is asking for states and we can ask for both states.

A candidate who claims to be “eligible” does not carry the exact weight or power. However, President Trump has officially announced on his Twitter account that he is “for election purposes” in the states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina and Michigan. None of these states were nominated during the tweet. Shortly after the tweet, Michigan was called up by the Associated Press and other stations for Joe Biden.

VERIFY looks at all of Joe Biden’s recent speeches and all of the candidate’s latest social media posts. Bidin did not request any territories.

Sources: “APH: Why Michigan is called Biden”, Biden Speech November 5, Biden Speech November 4, Biden Speech November 3

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