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From Legal-bully Deep

Last month we had an article about Wolf Kink Irotica writer Adon Kayen (pen name) and the abuse of the DMCA It was first written in May, But YouTuber came back after doing Lindsay Ellis Awesome video Analyzing the whole case. If you haven’t seen that, here it is

The reason we rewrote this article last month was that after Ellis posted her video, Tina Watson, a lawyer, sent Elysses. One of the most silly letters of intimidation I have seen (and have seen many). Ellis revealed only a small part of that letter, but that was enough.

Now in a new video Ellis describes all the nonsense that has happened since then, Very deep in the weeds on a variety of things. You can see everything here:

I’m not going to go through everything in the video because (1) you have to see it and (2) it’s a lot crazy and I don’t even want to start thinking about how to explain it all. Background is important. Instead, I somehow focus only on the threats of Tiania Watson. Real lawyer, She needs to know more than anyone else about sending bullshit-like emails to anyone.

As we have seen, Watson’s first letter appears to be a copyright infringement (as Ellis mentioned in a few brief excerpts) Obviously Fair use method) and “many false statements” that I see no evidence for. In fact, Ellis’ report made me go back and read the entire document One of the charges Because the video was there, and Cain knew how, again and again, that the accuser was the publisher and had nothing to do with her – although in a separate case, Cain in the driver’s seat told her publisher later to send her (fake) DMCA ads in this lot. She tells them that she is hiding behind them. In fact, Cain dropped one of the charges because all the DMCA ads were sent by the publisher. That is such a big deal.

However, Watson began sending more threatening letters, including Patren and YouTube, to try to download the video. It should be a shame that any true copyright (or defamation) lawyer Watson is also an attorney, because these letters … are bad. You can see them in the video (so I don’t have full copies to post here as I normally do). First, Watson sent the download city to … Patreon. Although the video is hosted on YouTube. Like many YouTube and podcasts, Ellis uses Patren as a source of income, but there is little reason to target copyright infringement other than revenge. Patren Ellis told her to go through the standard image collection process, but asked her to remove her Patriot post from the YouTube link for the next 10 days under DMCA to keep her ports safe (and then link the video again). But then he told Ellis that he would fully support her if he went to court (FWIW, Patreon has some great people working on this, so I’m not surprised to see them standing behind their users like that).

Then YouTube announced that Cain had been invaded. I have not seen YouTube go further and the video is in no way infringing and has rejected the download request. Ellis will be surprised by this and have never heard of downloading YouTube, but it really does happen. Although cluttered with content like ContonIDID, YouTube’s legal team uses it fairly, especially in the wake of bullfighting raids on high-profile videos.

Ellis then sent Cain a download letter to YouTube with an interesting narrative from the company. He’s … surprisingly stupid. Here is the key clip I want to post so everyone can see how amazingly stupid it is:

Forgotten work is not “fair use.” My book is not a public domain; It is not a textbook, but a creative work. Poster reads my books to humiliate my work. This is not a misuse of copyrighted work, nor is this video a review of my work. What I didn’t like was the personal attack surrounding two charges against me personally ….


The force drastically changed my first job, either by changing my job or by making fun of the poster on YouTube and Patriot. Making money on the video does not make this a fair user.

Yes so. For all that. Fair use applies to copyrighted works. If it’s a public domain, you don’t need fair use because … it’s not covered by copyright. So that opening line is just … unusual. If it is not a second book, who cares? Fair use is not limited to textbooks. Whether it is personal abuse (or not), it does not make sense for fair use analysis.

But what really stands out is that second highlighted paragraph. Because a court that decides whether something is fair is literally “changed”. And here Cain is irrelevant Because it was flexible. She even used a pronoun. Also, the fact that the video is being paid for does not (in most cases) make sense. Yes, “business” activities are sometimes considered to be of high standard in terms of fair use, but not much, and tons and tons of things are still done in business and fair use. The main way a business plays out is if its work is in some way competitive with the mainstream. And Ellis’s video is not comparable to Cain’s books in any other world.

He went on to say that the video was defamatory, claiming that people had a negative view of her on the Internet. So, that sucks, and people should not be bad for Cain (or anyone) on the Internet, and they should not intimidate people, but that has nothing to do with being taken or taken away. Down to the question of copyright is a pure environmental emotional bullying victim. Also, the video is not defamatory.

The video then goes on to other interesting and crazy things, but after EFF defensive action, Cain’s lawyer basically sends a letter “c” and we reiterate the story. mon, you know this is nonsense. Instead of simply following the wise course, Cain’s lawyer doubled down on me in a way I had never seen before. Again, I don’t have the whole letter, but the parts that Ellis emphasized … Whose son. road trip.

The EFF argues that it is part of a larger conspiracy with Ellis and the Organization for Change (OTW). OTW is a great organization. We got it Written about them A little while, and even once Join them But in Amis’s brief, they are not EFF. Their work has worked with FF on some of the overlapping things, but … so what? Watson / Cain thinks there is a big conspiracy:

As an organization, the EFF knows that for more than two years, it has been working closely with Lindsay Ellis on the video, as the EFF is a close partner of OTT. , My client Addison Cain (“Mrs. Cain”) Plaintiff (Quil Inc Books, Limited) is involved in two OTW-sponsored lawsuits …

Uh? Apart from trying to tie red cords to cork boards, what does that have to do with anything? It gets worse.

Regardless of what actually happened during both cases, it is clear that you and your client are interested in spreading false accusations and lies against my client and are arguing in a video that received part of EFF’s revenue.

Ellis mentions EFF at the end of her first video because it’s nice to see critics talk about copyright infringement in an attempt to silence them, but it has nothing to do with the video. This is also the theme of a random, absurd conspiracy theory.

Instead of reading the book for more than two minutes, Ellis could easily summarize Cain’s book into a few paragraphs.

Er. She emphasized only a few paragraphs. It is good that she found a two-minute text in her video for almost two hours. Ellis had to do it … It’s really unusual to do what she did. And then they complain about it.

It is becoming increasingly hot to attach Zoe Ellis (plaintiff’s pen name in the first case, which has nothing to do with Lindsay Ellis and has nothing to do with any of these videos).

Zoe Ellis and lawyer Ms. They used a number of methods to achieve their goal of defaming Ms. Cain, but one common denominator was the OTT. EFF is a close partner of these ….


Although you are not able to directly state the allegations of defamation in your letter, defamation is our opinion, and because EFF worked with Lindsay Ellis to create a paid video, EFF is also responsible for copyright infringement and defamation. .

Again, to put it bluntly, EFF did not work with Lindsay Ellis (as well as Ottawa, a completely different organization from FF) in the video. The video is not defamatory or offensive. And even if it is (though not), there is no way that the EFF will be “also guilty” of any wrongdoing or defamation. We are in a pure crazy city.

And we will not leave the crazy city anytime soon.

The link between OTW and EFF and the history of attacks on my clients over the past two years, Linsay Ellis, the use of YouTube / Patran’s personality in public, makes him at least skeptical, especially when you help create money laundering (EFF) and Lindsay Ellis, both copyright infringement. And a video where you can save on defamation.

Again, none of this makes sense from the “this is how facts work” approach or “this is how the law works”. If a real lawyer writes this, it’s really embarrassing. Going on and on in this fashion and only those clips that Elice shares. The entire letter appears to have been 40 pages long. I have a flash.

As Ellis points out, there is a deep-seated fan fiction that Cain / Watson is effectively arguing. Because that makes sense.

Here is a simple lesson you can learn from Cain and Watson: Stop calling after people call you on depressing DMCA ads. Do not upload additional files. Do not request anonymity. With the red thread on the cork board, they clearly draw a bull-ridden conspiracy theory. Believe it or not, do it again and continue writing the worst wolf kink erotica novel in your life.

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