Jeffrey Tobin’s magnification dick event episode 230 is a perfect example of why we want it


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I know it’s 2020 and conventional concepts no longer make sense, but this Monday a story unfolded in the media world. CNN and New York appear to have been suspended after the arrest of prominent legal analyst Jeffrey Tobin Masturbation on a zoom call, With their New York teammates (seemingly identical, but with ‘same’ The game of choice simulation we created – Although I swear that none of our masturbation does include legal analysts.)

Shosha and Weissman This story – no matter how horrible it may be – a Section 230 is a perfect example of why we are caught.

In the workplace, self-identification can always lead to prosecution. And if there are charges, Tobin should be held accountable. He had no knowledge of the event until the magnification was delayed, and the magnification had nothing to do with his actions. Tobin is not a magnifying glass either. This is the same principle that Section 230 protects, forums should not be held responsible for content published by users. But forums are responsible for their own content, such as tweets from @Twitter or Facebook.

This is a very simple concept that many people find difficult to understand: Section 230 about proper application. Who really is He did it He must be more accountable than the tools he uses. That’s part 230 of the almond shell, and the reason is unusual in what is now called the Zoom Dick event.

Wiseman’s piece explains why this is so important for free speech:

In addition, if section 230 protections are removed, it means that websites will be held liable all of them User content if used Any User content. Websites do not fix anything after that, so they are not responsible, or they are very moderate users and there are serious obstacles to posting. If conservatives now think that much of their content is being censored, wait until Facebook is accountable to its users. This Known Like, “Stick to me.” In connection with the tuberculosis news, he had to allow them to show their genitals on the stage or in strict police rallies. This regulatory burden may be for new market entrants who do not have a strong mediation program resources. Like us He learned from the GDPR regulation in Europe, These kinds of rules hurt competition by crushing startups and trapping existing players.

If you have read enough textbooks, you already know this. However, if you hear people talking about the Zum incident, you now have another way to talk about the importance of 230 Tobin should be held accountable for his actions. It is not zoomed in

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