Intel CEO Bob Swans appoints Pat Jelsinger over Extracurricular


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Intel CEO Bob Swan is at the door, surprisingly asking what will happen to the upcoming Q1 conference call. Going forward, Intel will once again be led by Chief Technology Officer Pat Gelsinger.

Jelsinger He left Intel in 2009 and remained in ICM until 2012. Worked in. Jelsinger is a long-time Intel veteran who served as the leading architect of 80486 and the company’s first co-founder. Returning Jelsinger to the company sends a message of general concern about Intel’s return to its engineering roots. The upcoming conference call may indicate that Swan is unhappy with any new manufacturing strategy that Intel has announced.

This last one, to be clear, is purely speculative, but it has some meaning. Introducing an employee of Intel who violated the company’s policy, fired Brian Brian Crisik and promoted Bob Swan. In a short period of time, Swan Intel has dominated the most important business decision it has made in decades – that is, Intel must start giving leadership to research innovators or move forward by trying to adjust its own components.

This slider was published before Intel 7nm was delayed until 2022. This indicates the expected delay time. Intel’s 10nm plans now appear to be on the right track. On January 21 we will find out more about 7nm.

Swan gave an in-depth interview this week about Intel’s manufacturing strategy. While Intel provided a little more detail on the solutions, it did not contradict what it had said before. According to Swan, Intel has decided to put each option on the table, considering which chips to build. In the future, Intel may allow licenses from other founders, or pay other companies to build the CPUs, GPUs, and other products.

While Intel has been using platforms such as TSMC for years, Swan’s comments this summer revealed further delays for Intel 7nm – expanding the scope and nature of the agreements that are willing to be considered. Intel’s 10nm node has been continuously upgraded and appears to be getting much better than it was 12-18 months ago, but the company says it will not be ready until 7nm by 2022, the best case scenario.

Although Swan has been chief executive for many years, Intel is replacing Swan because he is unhappy with his job or wants someone to be held accountable for his actions. He may also have been introducing a trusted executive to manage the ship to mark the turning point.

Several sources indicate that Intel’s letter to an activist investor last month may be the starting point for this activity. Although the letter was effective, we do not think it was the main reason. There have been rumors that Swan could be replaced for a few months now, and considering Intel Optics TMS or Samsung for major manufacturing is a serious blow to the company’s historic site, and it’s no surprise to see them replace the CEO.

Intel January 21, 2021 reports Q4 2020 and full year results. The company’s statement and future production plans will tell us more about why Swan has been replaced and what direction Intel will take in the future.

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