How has Governor Cuomo responded to every sexual harassment charge so far?


Rochester, New YorkWROC) – To deny, to apologize, to silence: the approach of Governor Andrew Kumo Three sexual harassment They have changed every time in the past week.

The Kumo administration issued a statement last week rejecting the first claim of sexual harassment. “Komo will find a way to touch my lower back, arms and legs,” said former government economic development official and aide to the governor, Lynsey Boilan. After comparing her to one of her ex-girlfriends, she must have played poker after.

Komo State Press Secretary Kathleen Girouard, for her part, said: “As we said earlier, Ms. Boilan’s question about inappropriate behavior is very false.”

Charlotte Bennett, a health policy adviser to the regime until November, told the New York Times over the weekend. Coomo asks inappropriate questions about her sex life, she has never had sex with older men.

The governor then issued the following statement:

“Mrs. Bennett was a hardworking and valuable member of our team during COVID. She has every right to speak openly.

When she came to me and opened up about her sexual assault and how it changed her and her efforts to create a voice-over organization to help others who survived, I tried to be supportive and helpful. Mrs. Bennett’s first impression was correct: I was trying to be her counselor. I have not made any progress toward Mrs. Bennett or have ever considered any action in an inappropriate manner. The last thing I wanted was for him to hear anything from the record.

This situation cannot and should not be resolved in the press, I believe the best way to reach the truth is through a thorough and in-depth external review and I urge all state employees to make that effort. I urge all New Yorkers to know the facts before making any decision. I have no further comment until the review is complete. ”

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On Monday, Anna Ruch – a former member of the Obama administration and the 2020 Bid campaign – announced her resignation. Before the governor grabbed her face and asked if he could kiss her, he placed it on the empty bottom of the 2019 wedding party..

The governor and his administration did not make a formal statement on the issue until Tuesday afternoon.

The New York Attorney General’s Office confirmed Monday that it had reviewed Anna Ruch’s account in the New York Times and decided to include it. The investigation into the buyer’s process has just begun. Rich’s account is different from the previous two because she did not work for Kumo.

Both Boelan and Bennett took to Twitter on Monday night.

Democrats in New York and across the country are not rallying around him, the governor is isolating them from traditional partners.

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Eswat, cousins ​​and Guba speaker Speaker Karl Hessie, both Democrats, said they want the attorney general to investigate. For days, Republican leaders called for an investigation into James. On Sunday, Republican Senate Minority Leader Robert Ort Koom called for his resignation. Sensational reiterated Monday in a press release.

New York Attorney General Letya James received a referral letter Monday to investigate allegations of sexual harassment against Gover Andrew Kumo.

On Monday afternoon, the Executive Council issued the following statement following its formal request.

“Today, the executive branch has given us the power to conduct an independent investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against Administrator Kumo. Sexual harassment allegations should always be taken seriously, and this is not a responsibility we take lightly. According to the letter, the findings will be presented in a public report at the end of the review.

On Sunday, James announced that she would appoint a special assistant to conduct an independent investigation into the allegations. Her office was merged with the administration’s office, after Komo presented a federal judge to the administration to conduct the investigation.

Below is a letter from Bete Garvey, a special adviser to Kumo:

Dear Attorney General James

You, the buyer, are being referred to Section 63 (8) of the Enforcement Act to select an independent law firm to investigate allegations of sexual harassment against the administrator.

According to Executive Code §63 (8), that private attorney or private attorney may be assigned as special deputy attorney general or assistant attorney general to conduct the review.

This letter is not intended to restrict or restrict any of the powers contained in ፃፀም 63 (8) of the Act. Due to the nature of this review, weekly reports based on Executive Code ሕግ63 (8) will not be approved or passed on to the executive. At the end of the review, the findings will be presented in a public report.

All New York State employees are instructed to cooperate fully with this review. I will serve as the contact point for any witness interviews or documentation for the Executive Chamber and I will link you with any relevant documents or testimonials relevant to the review by any appropriate agency or body.

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