Homemade yeast bakeries are on the rise, but experts have some advice


The “city by the sea” is known for more than a few things. Treacherous Hills, Cable Cars, Golden Bridges and…

Sordoff Bread, San Francisco’s undisclosed secret for at least 150 years, except for a long time. Just ask Jane if you don’t believe her.

“The Basque Country, between France and Spain, is such a region that there is an amazing tradition of this true bread style, which is very crusty, very moist, very crumbly. And after the speed of gold and the speed of gold, this was the place where the Basque people flocked to this area. They brought that tradition of bread here. ”

Latam is the bakery of the Tartin Bakery in San Francisco.

San Francisco has been a hotbed of yeast bakeries since the mid-1800’s. The culture is alive and well in Tartine.

What makes yeast different from other breads? This is a small thing called a beginner.

“It is a fine-grained flour and water that is broken down in the right amount of yeast and bacteria to make yeast and yeast,” Latham said.

Mix Yap with a little flour and water to collect the natural bacteria in the air and you may have your own yeast start. And the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic.

People at home have been making, feeding, and raising their own starters at home.

It hangs on the blank, as millions of people do during COVID. He started looking for some kind of blog, but it has been going on since April, ”said baker Tc Jamison.

When the locks moved, Jamison started six months ago. He has been baking and eating ever since.

“You come in contact with something that is alive, so it is different every time.

UP, you feed him fresh flour and water every day for six months. It is a lot of work.

Latham said: “The launch is underway, and we have been using it well for over 20 years now.

So Jamison has a few ways to go. Some bakeries in San Francisco have had a continuous start for over 150 years.

But Jamison has a special goal for the beginner.

“My baby was born in June. I was in hell before and after she was born. So now I can always say, that was before you were born,” he said.

That goes down to the famous Father Comedy Hall.

In the history of the San Francisco yeast in Tartin, they continue to shape, fold, and flour their way through the fabric.

You have never learned about bread. There is always more to learn. There are always things that can change, there are endless variables. The flour and the air and you fermentation, time, heat. You’re not done yet, ”said Latam

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