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This week, our first place winner is an unresponsive comment to the person who made the argument in Article 230. Competition between citizens and organizations for free speech:

Citizens have never had the right to force a corporation to keep their word. Of course, newspapers and traditional publishers place even more restrictions on the publishers of those websites to allow content generated by users.

Your problem is that people don’t want to listen to you and they want the government to force them. You will not succeed because people will find other ways to stay away from your loved ones.

Second, he is Blog Some ideas on the controversy New Post Social Media Blocks About The Hunter:

Fortunately, conservatives have a parlor and a gag where they share misinformation in their hearts … Oh wait, they don’t want that, they want an audience of liars and they know that ordinary people are not very interested in places where they hate. It flows freely

On the discerning side, for the editorial choice, we found an anonymous commentary again An important point about that event:

Twitter did not block a major newspaper article! The article in question simply went to the Nai post site and you know what you read!

Next, we found That’s a guy Promoting a positive response to the Twitter block for that comment He played the role of “Anti-Conservative Discrimination”:

‘You see me as ridiculous, anti-Semitic!’

This is not to say that Twitter did not say this, but that the existence of laws for “conservatives” in this day and age is considered a “anti-conservative” bias, so they were basically in a state of bankruptcy, allowing the story to be cracked and spread freely. , Then they call for the birth of a bull, or do anything to stop it, in which case the “victims” cry out again how they have fled.

More than a funny side, our first place is a winner Tad Responding to a different statement from our report on the controversial block: The New Post has released that report[…]”Hot Garbage”:

But you repeat yourself.

Second, he is Paul Who in response to a comment He seems really angry about the open source:

To go to a website built on an open source database to go to a website built on an open source database I always like to use open source protocols to talk about how useless an open source is.

Humorously, we start with the choice of editor Hieronymous CowherdIn the same post, he commented on how the epidemic of home-based divisions was caused by epidemics. In an open source development community, such practices follow a line that has been planned for decades:

This is the final issue

Herd community?

Finally, we found Urael-238 Presenting some In Portland for ABI. Task Force Free Advice:

Antifa hierarchy

Well, I could tell Antifafa is the active arm of the Deep Empire.

This is for the FBI. It should be easy to catch someone and ask them if they have one Port anti-fascist sentiments If the answer is yes, then their subject matter is clearly antithetical.

There may be other signs: They have a white van or a black suitcase.

All of these signs are from Antifa or Black Black.

Unlike other violent groups, Antifa is the only one, like the Swedes Borg. When a member of Antifa joins the decoder ring, a curriculum video and an easy-to-remember guide from bottom to top. Great sign of the prince of the Upper Achelon.

FBI This is why he has not yet infiltrated Antifa and found a copy of these materials: The video is very effective.

In fact, Antifa system video could be the most effective and complete downloadable facility. If an FBI special agent passes it on to other agents or analysts, they too can make a radical change and move on to Andifa!

The White House has made it clear that the FBI’s directive is biased and therefore hostile to President Trump and the current administration. DHSAs seen by the uncovered Strzok / Page Articles.

Anti-Sleep agents should always be on the streets of the United States.

In addition to the tools that come out of the top (white van, black double suitcase), those who sleep in Antofa show the worst Protestant evangelical Christian identity and lifestyle. Keep the words Jesus is my helper, Antofa uses the phrase to refer to each other. If one person says and another person reacts positively or reaffirms their feelings, these are probably two anti-sleep disorders that can be linked to support in the future.

See something? say something! Report all views to DHS Anonymous Hotline at 1-866-347-2423 or call your local campus.

That’s all for this week folks!

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