Former Trump lawyer Sidney Paul has been charged with defamation of the Dominican voting system


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Here we write a lot about defamatory clothing in the textbook. Most of what we cover They are baseless allegations – Accusations of “beating” powerful people in the hope of silencing critics.

But this is a more just matter. as a The result of the election Rolled over last November, the Trump administration He continued to intensify his choice “Stolen” were disabled ducks Encouragement and awakening Lawyers who need to know better. This includes Rudy Juliani – the hero of 9/11 himself and all the proofs Funny thing is dead.

One of Trump’s lawyers went on a war trip. Sydney Paul – One-time Legal Adviser to the President – Charged as soon as possible with the hope of releasing key election results. Evidence The so-called “Kraken” came with her There was really no evidence of anything. He did itHearing and speculationThey seem to be a solid foundation for judgment. Paul brought with her a mix of sovereign and human-made YouTube videos.

Trump cut ties with Paul – perhaps even far from him, considering her Oan-awakened fever dreams. Without it, taxpayers will continue to pay their bills to protect the Republic from the scourge of voter fraud and electoral machinery.

Paul targeted Dominion’s voting systems earlier and more often, simply because they existed He is based in Georgia – Trump lost the unexpected. Georgia has a problem Election Security, But they have elected officials for years Selected to attack Democrats and Bury negative information Instead of solving these problems.

Pavel’s charges do not make voting more secure in Georgia. But you can make some holes in Paul’s bank accounts. Dominion’s voting systems are unhappy with Powell’s comments about the products. Weeks after Trump and his loyal supporters were officially named Dominion is fighting back.

Long ago, right-wing lawyer Sidney Paul accused Dominion of voting systems of “one step” coming soon. The company is seeking more than $ 1.3 billion in “wild” and “blatant false” charges. Paul has been accused by the company’s conspirators, misguided artists, chairs “experts” and anonymous sources.

“During the Washington, DC, press conference, Georgia political meeting and media controversy, Paul falsified the Dominion election, the Dominion was created to manipulate the Venezuelan election for Lugo Chavez, and the Dominion filed a non-binding contract,” the 124-page complaint states.

Dominion is part of the public. That defamation would increase the likelihood of a successful prosecution. Sydney Paul is also public, which makes things a little easier. And some of the charges were filed outside the court, where the right not to be prosecuted for statements made in court was denied. Powell was given the opportunity to discredit your alleged defamation statement, but she refused. And now. Accusation [PDF].

According to Domion, many of the “arguments” in court were made public during Pewl’s meetings and political meetings. There is no defense to these allegations – Dominique’s claims are baseless.

Paul’s wild allegations are actually false. Instead of trying to manipulate the election of the late Venezuelan dictator in Venezuela, Dominique was created to create a fully-fledged paper-based electoral system that would allow PwDs to vote independently. As he grew older, Dominic developed technology to address a wide range of technical and voter issues that came to light in the run-up to the 2000 presidential election. Its systems are certified by EAC-certified independent testing laboratories certified by the US Election Support Commission (EIA), and include a paper ballot to verify the results. Since its inception, Dominion has provided technology to effectively manage transparent and fully audited elections by thousands of election officials.

In the absence of facts, they rape the table. Paul’s punches must be pretty raw.

Honorable Republicans of Georgia have denied Paul’s allegations that Dominion’s ballot count was valid, and Paul wants to discredit Dominion by paying unpaid bills to them and their families. The only “evidence” that Paul presented to support that false accusation was a doctorate from the Georgian Foreign Ministry. Paul said it was doubtful that the certificate had been registered. In fact, the real certificate has been recorded and is officially available on the website of the Georgian Foreign Ministry…

If you do not want your fists to be beaten and your ass to be prosecuted, try to get some real evidence before you hold press conferences and file charges.

Paul’s “Evidence” includes statements made by members of the Mobile Motors team, “artists”, chairs “experts” and unknown sources who have been “completely trusted” by the judiciary.

And do not say such things in public:

Paul intentionally lied because he had a video of Dominion’s founder saying, “I can change a million votes, it doesn’t matter.” Powell never made that record because he didn’t have that record.

Sydney Paul will again be asked to explain herself in federal court. But this time she is acting as the defendant. A conspiracy theorist may base his unfounded claims on legal documents, and they will be protected from prosecution. But she decided that she needed to rekindle the cracker. And she may now be in the throes of millions of dollars in compensation. (Dominion is asking for $ 651 million, but even if the company wins by hand, this doesn’t seem to be the case.)

There are many legitimate concerns about election security and election interference. Paul’s claims, however, are not legal. They are fantasies made by people who should never be trusted by witnesses, much less “experts.” Paul’s decision to reflect Trump and highlight the baseless allegations made on the Internet by Dritas seems to have come back to haunt her.

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