FCC ignores courts, completes facts: Cancel net neutrality option


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Just over a year ago, the courts partially upheld the abolition of the FCC’s most unpopular net of neutrality. But also Some aspects of the cancellation have been referred to the FCC.. Most notably, the courts have ruled in favor of Ajit Pi FCC. States could not prevent consumers from protecting themselves If the FCC is no longer interested in doing so. The courts also noted that they did not do much research on the impact of the FCC’s cancellation on efforts to connect public safety or the digital division (the second is the importance of access and accessibility in a pandemic). He urged him to try again.

They are well aware that the elections are coming to an end, and this week the F.C. He voted on the party line (PDF) Ignoring the court’s appeal, doubling down on good work and doubling down on Orwellian’s “Restoring Internet Freedom”

After a thorough review of the record in response to a request for further comment on these issues, he found no basis for changing the FCC’s conclusions regarding the restoration of the FCC’s Internet Freedom Order. , Facilitates Broadband Infrastructure by Internet Service Providers, Allows FBC Broadband Internet Service to continue to provide life support.

Again, despite the outcry from some “experts,” it was important to eliminate pure neutrality. In addition to killing consumer protections, the FCC Telecom monopoly protection from consumers and your competitors has become an obstacle. FTT Telecom giants such as Comcast and AT&T have given this authority a lot. He is well-versed in the power, money, or interests of the police, one of the most difficult aspects of technology. That was the whole goal: zero accountability for your favorite telecom monopoly. This blatant corruption, which claims that the Internet is “still working,” is a clear indication of the seriousness of the problem for consumers and competitors.

In a statement, FCC Commissioner Jessica Roszenwesel lamented the agency’s “unprecedented” harassment.

“Today’s decision was an opportunity to step back. It was an opportunity to reconsider the impartiality of this independent agency from top to bottom and backwards. I am sorry that this was not the case. Instead, it is a three-pronged debate to tell the court that the public is not interested in their views.” And history has shown that we are not humble enough to admit our mistakes.

Again, keep in mind that it is the FCC’s absolute guarantee to cancel net neutrality Based entirely on innovative data from the telecom sector. Are the benefits of revocation? Also Fully made. And the cancellation itself involved the broadband industry using fake and / or dead people Fill in the FCC comment section with false support With the help of ACC. No one has been held accountable at any level Any Of this. In fact, when many journalists and analysts talk about the cancellation, most of these facts are routinely ignored.

That’s all before you get to Ajit Pace Widespread hypocrisy in the next section 230 attacks. The same parties, who have repeatedly said that natural telecom monopolies should not be seen as co-carriers, have argued that social media platforms such as Twitter should be dominant. These same people, who have been arguing with the FCC for years, do not really have control over the Internet. Those people, who have been complaining about the dangers of the doctrine of justice, now unwittingly support something even more controversial in Trump’s sliding social media executive order.

To prevent all social media giants from making toxic political information to protect the power of the GOP, deleting it is now based on online information, often as a matter of neutrality, as is often the case. very much Unpopular policies.

While there is a clear lack of neutrality in policy circles, this is still important if you address issues such as monopoly, competition, healthy networks, consumer rights and even playgrounds. Over the past few years, Big Telecom has convinced DC that Big Telecom should be allowed to engage in its anti-competitive behavior. But if we really want the police to control uncontrolled corporate power and its impact on competition and innovation, then using scams and deceptions will not solve the problem.

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