EFF tells Louisiana court that the government is still joking, but the speech is safe.


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As he protested against anti-police brutality last winter It was intensifying, An old man posted one An obvious fake anti-call on action on the cajUUn Memes Facebook page. The announcement was made by “Kajun’s friends” and called for the river ranch to take over.

Anyone with half a brain reading the post knew it was a joke. He asked for references to marijuana (the group was due to meet at 4:20 p.m.) and asked to see only Antifa “card-carrying members.” The line was also “arms as an option. Legs encouraged.”

For some reason the mayor or the local police department did not get the joke. The mayor issued an official statement regarding the city’s “zero intolerance policy for threats to life and property,” while a police spokesman said there was “no credible evidence.” He said he would attend the event. .

The day came and went without any anti-Semitism. That should have been the end. It was not. Two months later Lafayette diocese government sued John Meriffield, The person behind the joke post.

The lawsuit was filed in the 15th District of Justice in Lafayette by John Merrifield, who created two fake Facebook accounts claiming that Antifa was located in the city’s high-rise River Range community and Akadiana Mall.

The lawsuit requires an undisclosed amount of damages under $ 75,000.

“I think some of the costs, though not all of them, should be borne by them,” said Mayor José Guylory on Thursday morning.

Take a humorous step on the obvious. There was some follow-up to the PDN and Mayor Gilrie was replaced by an outspoken Facebook event. According to the mayor, some part-time money has been used. But that must be up to him and the police department. In P.D. No additional costs were clearly justified, since there was no reliable basis for the foundation itself.

Maryfield’s response to the accusation was less than regrettable.

Once a fool is ashamed of me, twice a fool is ashamed of you. I do not apologize to the lazy people who were just about to fall in love with the comedian and comedian-turned comedian.

So the believer took the man to court. And, you guessed it, that would be the end of it Once the judge has the opportunity to review the government’s humorous speeches. But, no, this is Louisiana, where Laws are strange And law enforcement Easy to reproduce.

Comedian John Merfield’s two fake anti-protest postings posted on Facebook are not expected to be amended by Ed Ed Bruussar, a judge at the 15th District Court in Lafayette, on Monday. Lafayette, a strong government, allowed the injury trial to begin in September.


“The first amendment has not been implemented,” Brucear argued, citing a state law that prohibits false statements of urgency in response to allegations of “illegal activity or violence.”

This crazy decision is being appealed. Anna now Merfield has a FFF on its side. Amis Short [PDF] The FFF file is clear: The government will not be deterred by the mere jokes.

False Facebook events have been part of online chat since Facebook launched this feature. Misconceptions have put mega-celebrities on a daily basis (Drake performing live In a cheesecake factory; The third eye is blind Performing on Lenscrafters)

Falsehoods also appear in response to news reports.

[P]They have been used in a variety of situations, such as stage events, to alleviate the stress and strain associated with natural disasters. In 2018, Hurricane Florence caused such ridiculous events. A musical store in North Carolina, Kary September 18, 2018. Another “user” who pretended to “blow up your sapphire on Hurricane Florence” created another program called “Tell Florence to Stop Hurricane Florence”. As well as “Boycott Florence Florence”, “Take Hurricane Florence and Make It a US! Angry Tweet ”

While some humorous and humorous things can be easily identified, misunderstanding something is a mystery to the reader, not a legitimate subject.

Merrifield’s speech is clearly protected, says the FFF. And the other way around is the mistake of the regional judge.

Although faculty can be enforced, it cannot support a legal claim that has a positive purpose to achieve harmful results. Under the first amendment, there is a need for a genuine personal interest to bring about criminal consequences in the future in order to turn “expected” into “unpredictable” and legitimate discourse. Baton Rouge City from Ross City, 654 S.2. 1311, 1337 (1995). This court’s statement is not a stimulus “unless it is intended or intended to bring about the impossibility of lawlessness,” and does not go unnoticed by others. Berses Edinson, 826; 2d 551, 555-56 (LA City Application 2002). As in Beers’ case, copyright does not endorse any of the authoritative comments intended to aid criminal activity.

For anyone who legally intends to invade a particular neighborhood for the cashier, the card-carrier, and the anti-government members, it could be a threat to the Lafyette government. The post was not exactly hidden. Just because the mayor is not presenting a joke and the PD’s decision to “surprisingly” hit the payroll “does not mean that they will go on a first-come, first-served basis. Paris broom.

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