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Back in August, Facebook began asking for a Facebook account to use Occlusal devices in the future. This is well-known for all the bad data practices on Facebook and the deliberate negative impact of one’s own policies. Still, the company progressed.

If it happened next time in a movie, it wouldn’t be so much on his nose. End users who sign up for Facebook or try to link their accounts to Facebook are protecting themselves from the site. He is also telling them that the automatic restraining tools used by Facebook are permanent and irreversible. Users have been taken Redith And discuss the problem on Twitter.

Amazing pride

Asking end users to start using Facebook accounts This is a kind of improvement for the end user experience, but Chuzpah is enough, but look at the red circle. We cannot review this decision in advance and reverse it. ”

1) Yes it can be. Any decision to suspend an account may be revoked. Deleted accounts can be recovered. Since Facebook is a firm witness to real name policy, the company may set up 72-96 hours before opening the username to allow for an appeal process. If not, it is because he does not want to.

2) No human being has evaluated this decision. That is clear. People are blocked by automatic boats. When they are suspended, they are told that a computer decision cannot be appealed. This is a perfect example of how computer flaws are perceived It makes life very difficult for human beings.

Facebook has since acknowledged the allegations and asked customers to contact and contact them. But consider the implication: Facebook Default The computers are so flawless that there can be no errors. Whatever the reason, he is confident in his claim that it is safe to slap a large advertisement to be sent to anyone who has been denied access to the account.

customer service Served To be what people expect. Today, customer service is often a problem for internet companies. Problems with Gmail, Instagram, Facebook, Tumbler or Microsoft? If you are not a huge business customer and sometimes even you are a good opportunity to talk to someone they are . Help resources for these services are limited to a list of frequently asked questions that you may not be able to ask, and some forums may be overlooked for end users.

According to one Reddit reader, starting a ticket with Oculus will only get you an email to check out the Facebook Help Center. If you want to appeal a Facebook ban – because some of the obvious restrictions are appealing * you must provide photo identification. This does not change the fact that the company is telling people that sanctions are final.

Personal opinion

To the best of my knowledge, Oculus is dead. I don’t care if the unpredictable Oculus Mission gives 3 X-rays and double gold. The Facebook lifestyle has made it impossible for me to recommend someone who has been hacked for any reason, including giving you more information about any part of your life. In addition, Facebook is no longer indifferent to PC gaming, eliminating future cracks and making it easier to build the right IPD fixes in Quest hardware. There is no such thing as “F *** is missing” as refusing to build hardware that works with all human eyeballs.

I love Oculus hardware, but I’m not an impartial observer, and I can’t pretend. Excellent Consumer VR Company I’m sorry to have decided to become a worse Consumer VR company just to absorb a little more personal information that no one wants to give them. This no I do not ExtremeTech’s official comment. My co-worker Ryan will review 2 upcoming missions.

Approximately Facebook will fix this account blocking issue, but experienced readers are advised to keep their mission 2 in a backup box (by myself). If you are away from Facebook or have never registered, use this experience as a logo on how to protect yourself from being treated by the company.

By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. Between Oculus Quest 2 and the $ 900 Cosmos Elite, I will choose Cosmos from HTC. That’s strictly my opinion, and I’m not going to pretend that everyone shares. Many people ask, “Hey, what can you do?” And buy 2 for any mission. I have no regrets. However, when a company takes a very weak step, there is a point, so it is often impossible to recommend it if anyone can help. As far as I understand, Facebook blew that barrier years ago. Compulsory data integration is the last straw. I will not share information on my own gaming experiences with Facebook.

I respect that many people do not agree with that, but part of being a reviewer is being honest about where you stand on products, even if they are not actively evaluated at the time. I loved Oculus’s mission. I would like to advise anyone who can use Okules Mission 2 without mandatory Facebook integration.

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