DHS appeared to be willing to violate false information laws to close information


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This administration – as One before him -It is not a fan of drain or drive. This administration Looks more demanding Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly Inadequate differentiation. When there is a lot of mistrust, the fluids flow.

The administration wants these flows to stop. He has tried many things to achieve this – most of which are legally questionable. Jeff Sessions suggested that they be subject to him while they were working for Dodge Each National Security Council employee To the polygraph test To smell who made Oval Office phone recordings. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Took note Warning employees about the dangers of spills, including the possibility of prosecution. The note on the leaks came out quickly. DHSS has decided to focus on external “threats”, namely journalists Those who print leaks. The first upgrade seems to be the second step to stop.

DHS is still struggling with leaks. And he is struggling They contain Its flows with streams. Earlier this month, a report asking staff to report leaks, leaks, and anything else was suspicious He was deceived by journalists.

Randolph D. Tex Ales, a senior DHS official, sent an e-mail to his staff on Tuesday urging them to keep track of “all shared, unregistered, and draft information” and risk unauthorized information – intentionally or recklessly. It could be federal law. Alice sent the email after sharing “confidential but undisclosed” information with “external entities.”

Reporter Ken Clepestein also discovered a hidden notebook. His “copy” There were two screenshots Looks like it was taken by a DHS employee.

So far we have DHS leaking, we are trying to plug leaks, but other He said it was leaked, and two weeks later he said it was really illegal. Clipstein, tweeted on October 13th about the American Federation of Civil Servants. The note from DSS Secretary Randolph Alice says it violates the law.

We would like to remind you to reconsider the recent directive that illegally restricts employees’ access to browser information. (Exhibition a) This act must be amended by the Diallash Protection Act and the relevant provisions that protect the freedom of expression of DHS employees and should be amended immediately.

Exhibition A is a clipstone tweet. The letter also includes a report from Alice on a similar note about Basfed.

DHS officials are willing to break the law to close sewers. That’s why the agency’s targeting of journalists has not yet been shut down. I suspect DHS will delete this note without a court order or congressional investigation, but threatening to break the law will not do much to stop future explosions or whistleblowers. DHS problems continue to flow.

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