Despite a bloody boycott, the GOP-led Senate panel is pushing for Barrett’s appointment


The Senate Judiciary Committee approved Barrett’s appointment Thursday morning and sent him to the Senate.

WASHINGTON – Republicans in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday adopted a Democratic boycott. Amy Connie Barrett Supreme Court To ensure that President Donald Trump’s election is held on the right track before election day.

Democrat senators have refused to attend the GOP’s bid to replace Trump’s successor, Ruth Bader Ginsberg. The Senate has not recently approved a nominee for the Supreme Court Presidential Election.

The majority of Republicans unanimously approved a conservative judge, Barrett. Instead of attending, Democrats displayed posters on their desks claiming to have benefited from the fair care law currently being challenged in court. Senators plan to convene an unusual weekend meeting ahead of the final confirmation vote on Monday.

“This is a wonderful and historic moment,” said committee chairman Lindsey Graham. “We did it.”

The 48-year-old federal judge’s move to the Supreme Court will lock down a 6-3 conservative majority in the future.

Trump’s Republican allies in the Senate are counting on Barrett’s move to improve his position with voters. The court could open a new trial period on equitable care law, access to abortion and even the results of the presidential election.

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced the boycott on Wednesday, saying “we should not go ahead with this appointment.” He described Barrett’s attitude as “so far from the main road.”

Can’t stop confirmation Democrats have been trying to stop the process until after the November 3 election, so the president’s winner could call for a new president. “These are all violations of American law, values, decency and dignity,” Schumer said.

With Republicans in the Senate with a 53-47 majority, Trump’s election is close to being confirmed. It is expected that all Democrats will oppose Barrett’s confirmation.

The judiciary’s boycott of Thursday’s panel meeting forced Republicans within the party to change the rules in order to proceed with the confirmation process. Those laws state that at least two minority Democrats must be present for business recruitment.

Michael Davis, a former senior aide on the panel, said the committee, which advises senators in the House, is still in the process of getting the vote, even though Democrats have jumped. All members of the House of Representatives say it is a long-standing tradition to allow trade to continue if Republicans are present.

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Opposition Democrats opposed the idea and allowed the Supreme Court to rule on the merits of the case.

Last week, Judge Barrett, a judge from Indiana, appeared before a panel for three days, beating Democrats’ demands. She was asked questions about her access to abortion, gay marriage, and the culture of peaceful transfer of the presidency.

Trump said he would like a judge to hear any disagreements over the November 3 election, but Barrett declined to comment.

Many court officials are reluctant to discuss their opinions on various issues, saying they will see to it that the case is heard. Barrett has taken a similar approach, drawing deep skepticism from Democrats, as she has previously spoken out against abortion and past decisions.

The court is set to hear a debate on the Nov. 10 debate on the health care law a week after the presidential election, and Trump has said he wants others to abide by the Obama administration’s proportionate care law. .

Barrett senators have come up with dozens of answers to additional questions this week, but whether her Ro and Wade abortions are “courtesy” in court or the president may change the election date individually.

In the panel, two Republican senators, Mike Lee and Tom Tillis, were positive Kovid-19 After attending the Rose Garden event where Trump announced Barrett’s appointment. During the cholera epidemic, the panel set up remote operations. The two senators then returned in person meetings, claiming that their doctors had cleared them of neutrality.

Two other Republicans, Susan Susan Collins and Lisa Murkovsky, opposed the vote, but were not on the panel.

Senate Majority Leader Colonel Barrett Even though Barack Obama refused to run in the February 2016 presidential election, he argued that Barat was “in a special position” and that he would continue to run for office. Second and last time.

Wednesday McConnell a History Barrett’s role in the Board of Trustees of the Christian School of Homosexuality with student families and staff from the Associated Press.

“Like any federal judge, she has taken an oath of allegiance and her legal decision is independent of personal opinions,” she told the Senate, citing her previous work with the school.

Republicans focus on Barrett’s Catholicism and set an example for conservative and religious women.

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