Content Moderation Study: Apple Eliminates Unified Flag Games (June 2015)


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Summary Linn June 17, 2015 A native of South Carolina Dylan Roof attended a church in Charleston, South Carolina And killed nine black attendees. He was a white supremacist who was convicted of hate crimes. Prior to the attack, the roof published a racist manifesto with white supremacist symbols and photos of the Confederation flag.

Shortly after this racially motivated attack, app developers noticed that their apps had been removed by Apple. One of the first things he realized was the Heckwar Games. He realized that his civil war strategic game was no longer available In the App Store.

Many developers reported the same thing happening with their title – it was all a strategy war simulation game. The move follows Apple CEO Tim Cook Public statements with the display The Confederate flag widely seen as a symbol of white supremacy.

Cook words have become app store actions. Despite the games holding the Confederations flags, they began to disappear Apple does not appear to have violated the ban on apps Using the Confederation flag in “disgusting or evil-driving ways.” Developers sought more clarification on the policy and replay, but Apple continued to stockpile games and apps, ignoring complaints about the removal of historically accurate games.

Decisions by Apple

  • What context should be considered when deciding what it means to “attack” the Confederation flag?

  • Considering the often-debated argument for flag waving (in more disgusting environments) is a ‘historical value’.

  • App developers who use the flag historically are required to post false statements, etc., stating that they understand the meaning of racism and that they use it in such applications here for historical accuracy only?

Questions to ask and policy implications:

  • Does a quick response to a Charleston shooting only make Apple more responsive (and possibly more distorted) as the next unforeseen tragedy unfolds?

  • Is there a line drawn to identify what is offensive? Depending on the case (or, as such, by chance), is it intended to determine what crosses the border or is it abandoned?

QualityFollowing a race-based shooting, Apple quickly removed Confederate flag-bearing apps. A few days later, more details came from Apple. The company began working with damaged developers to restore their apps. Along with a ban on the use of the flag in “disgusting” ways, Apple has introduced a new law banning the use of the Confederation flag in app icons or in any screenshots.

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