Content Moderation Case Study Yelp Attempts to Fight Racism in the Forum (2020)


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Summary Creating a site based on third-party content means connecting with human existence. While many people participate in good faith, minorities participate with the sole purpose of disrespecting others.

Yelp is no different. The popularity of the site, which is designed to provide useful information to potential customers and services, is based on the popularity of bulk (mass reviews in response to seasonal anger) and the general low profile of the general population.

The fact that the country’s reputation has been tarnished by immigration policy, minority employment, or other comments has led to the use of racist weapons.

Elp He realized that this was inevitable. Moderators monitor the site to limit the spread of content that evaluates results based on the racial preferences of reviewers.

Communities have always turned to Yelp to respond to local events. Over the past few months, we have seen a clear interest in warning people about business practices related to racism, which has hurt people’s ability to make informed decisions. The Yelp User Operations team already puts alerts on business pages when we notice an unusual rise in reviews based on what someone has seen on the news or social media, not on their first business experience. Now that a business is getting public attention about racist behavior reports using racist language or symbols, Elp will post a new racist behavior warning on its Yelp page to inform users. You can learn more about the event.

This step may seem commendable, but it does not go unnoticed by business decisions and individual interpretations of employees. Hiring a racist is not the same as hiring a racist, but Yelp’s blanket policy seems to indicate that both are equally racist.

A further comment from Yilp explained that it would make a final decision on the racism of some employees by businesses or business owners. Any company that is racist will refrain from commenting further until a decision is made.

Decisions by Yelp

  • Allowing users to declare their businesses “racist” hinders Yelp’s revenue generation?
  • Is it wise, then, to give in to “the wisdom of the people” when Yelp feels that it is acceptable to take such a serious step?

Questions to ask and policy implications:

  • Will business owners / employees gain Elpel’s confidence in businesses that want to expand their reach with racism?
  • Do such policies really encourage bad faith by hiding reviews that suggest complaints are legitimate?

Quality This use of caution and hiding unconfirmed reviews (at least temporarily) is still an enterprise policy. While small efforts may eventually lead to a satisfactory solution, the decision to apply for a business based on unconfirmed claims has the potential to incur a number of insurance risks.

Originally Posted by Trust and Security Foundation website.

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