Congress wants to rush into appointing anti-FCC commissioner


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You may think that Congress has more important issues in its hands. As you may think, it looks like case 230, and you will recall how FCC Commissioner Michael Aureel gave a very straightforward description of the First Amendment in general. It does not allow the government to interfere in social media platforms, Trump informs O’Reilly to stay in FCC It’s done.

In Trump’s world, it seems clear that all he wants outside of the FCC is to act as a policeman in his own right. That’s why he’s not just sitting there Clearly unconstitutional executive order The NTIA has asked the Commission to re-interpret Section 230 of the Communications Act – a law that allows social media to exist as it is now – but has pressured the FCC to move forward with that effort. Some had hoped that Ajit Pie would find in him the backbone and the principles he had long described Huge rice cup, Proved that he did not, and He moved forward With the process of making FCC internet speech police.

Of course, there is still a problem. Orili is still there, and both Democrats in the FCC have made it clear that they do not agree with the plan. I learned from a number of FCC experts that “there is no way” that a new commissioner could be appointed, investigated and voted before the Senate on January 20, when it was announced that Aurel’s candidacy had been withdrawn. . However, the Senate can do the same for the FCC commissioner, who has decided that instead of tackling the country’s real problems, he will move quickly through an open Supreme Court candidate.

Trump last month He appointed the person who wrote the unconstitutional executive order, Nathan Simington, to his seat, and I was told that his appointment would be reviewed by the Senate before the new meeting began next year. No, it seems. Politico reported last week that the Senate Trade Committee agreed Sign in to “Recent” near your candidate If a hearing is scheduled for November 10.

It will be interesting to see all those senators who have spent years in the FCC, which controls everything that is connected to the Internet, do in the 180’s, and that Simington is ready to become the Internet’s talk police.

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