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On Wednesday morning, Red Project co-founder Marcin Ewinsky posted a video apologizing for the horrific console launch of Cyberpenk 2077. Ivinsky decided to launch the title and later the lowest performance on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The video covers three broad topics. First, there is forgiveness. Second, Ivinsky comments on “how it was from the inside out.” Third, it provides a detailed list of what players can expect in the future, including updates and improvements. Ainsinsky’s comments on the apology are clear and concise. There is no real dumbness as far as responsibility is concerned.

His explanation b how is The console version is severely broken, but it leaves something to be desired. According to Inkisi, the reason why the Xbox One and PS4 look so bad is that the company has made every effort to start launching on PC. According to Iukinsky, it is expected that there will be a product that is acceptable to go back to the details and work together.

This is in stark contrast to many of the statements made in the Cyberpunk 2077 development process. The company told players that the game would be reviewed regularly on all platforms. He told gamers that they would expect better image experience than console systems could. CDD said there were no problems during the October investor’s call, except for minor computer versions and minor bug fixes.

It is interesting to note that console versions are not being reviewed, but there is no explanation as to why employees, executives and board members have misrepresented game development over time.

Ivinsky gives us a hint that it does not work well on the final genetic systems. According to him, while working on basic consoles, it was more difficult than expected for the company to get the information to release it properly in Cyberpan 2077. He added: “We didn’t play a big role in the games you played.”

The only way the CDPR did not deal with the players was through CDDR. If he does not play the game or does not listen to his opponents. Console versions are instantly bad. The computer version was the best on high-end hardware, but it was still very mobile when it started. The company was confident that it could fully deliver the Xbox and PS4 versions of the game until the launch date.

I clearly do not believe this. Or, rather – I believe, some executives may be willing to drop the console version of the game on the bus to hit their sales targets, convincing themselves that the game was severely damaged until CP 2077. Xbox One / PS4 can be fixed in a few short weeks. Probably some people arrogantly believe that there is no need for serious game attempts or bug fixes, but if that is the case, then that is a very motivating and questionable reason.

I can’t say I worked in game development but I worked on thousands of hours of collaborative work on the product we released to the public for thousands of anesthesia multi-team improvement projects, and I worked on the ’99 ‘rehabilitation project. Most of the year. In both cases I Oh no There were times when I could not write a new story or update / release a new version. Like CP 2077, there is no way to magically clean up those problems and start playing an acceptable game until they are released in a worm-fixing hell.

Someone in the company knew about it, and that person was silent, or the company was so organized that they could not find the people who needed the most information about the product.

The developers, who were tasked with editing the console version, knew the game was not ready for December 10, and Marcin Ewinsky said, “We are ready to start the game.” It does not imply that this refers to other people in organizational leadership or that it was not the opinion of the programmers who worked on the game. I didn’t want to bet in the end.

Finally, we have some news on what will happen next. The January update will be released in 10 days, but the update in February will be announced “in the coming weeks.” Once completed, the company will launch upgrades to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, which could now be delayed until 2021.

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