Benton study again shows ‘open access’ how broadband networks drive competition, improve service


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Linn In 2009, the FCC provided funding for the Harvard study That concludes (PDF) That open source broadband network (to enable multiple ISPs to compete and compete with central, core networks) has resulted in lower broadband prices and better service in many parts of the world. In fact, the FCC This was the case when he launched the “National Broadband Plan” in 2010 (not to mention the limited competition in the sector). Not found anywhere. Instead of ignoring the information, both sides have doubled down on our current national telecom policy plan: allowing AT&T, Verizon and Comcast to do whatever they want.

Since then, “open access” has become a bit of a dirty word in telecoms, and even companies like Google Fiber – which promises to keep the concept on its own network before it can be quietly – are eager to pretend it doesn’t. t How is it? This is because enabling ISPs to compete in layers over a central network can improve service, increase speeds, and reduce costs. Eat in monopoly revenues how about you He simply could not have that.

Of course, this does not mean that the model does not work. The first 2009 Harvard study looked at a number of global trends Really fine To disturb the situation. This week Benton Institute for Broadband and Community Released one New report (PDF) reopening networks could be a productive way of breaking the current monopoly lodge in the US broadband market. With the support of the local community, especially when using broadband networks.

“Experience has shown that state and local governments are developing and implementing practical solutions through open access and mid-mile networks that ensure everyone can use high-performance broadband – to ensure that people like new unemployed people have access to broadband services. Perhaps most of all, state and local governments are nearby, not thousands of miles away, and they hear the voice of the local community.

Open Access also works well with last mile (close to home) solutions. The city of Amon, Idaho, shows exactly why telecom giants are ignoring this model: it will bring more competition to the captive markets. The city developed a nationally owned 30-mile fiber network, which then invited ISPs to enter and compete under the open access model. Locals now have four ISPs to choose from (more to come), and users can Switch ISPs in a few seconds.

Open access broadband services. The data is constantly evolving, and such a model will be used to broaden the scope of life, work, education, and livelihoods during the ‘national’ health crisis. From small to large, the government can work with local and small and hungry telecoms to expand this idea. But federal policymakers do not accept such a model because again the monopoly does not like competition. And when you are very powerful in politics, you literally write constantly looking at the federal and state telecom laws. hamstringing competition, You see a tendency to get what you want.

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