Bad idea: Selected Biden 1/6 wants to switch to the new 9/11


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Most of us He looked in fear as a Trump supporters – Inspired by the current President’s idea that a “stolen” election could be annulled if the VIP’s Mike Pence Prohibited from verifying election results – Invasion of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. What started out as a simple MAGA idiot is complete Five people died And Two net explosive devices Returned. welcome to Liroy Jenkinsville, USA.

Invasion of federal buildings is a serious federal crime. That’s why they sent Trump Federal Officers To Portland – Officers who spent a lot of time spraying journalists and legal observers and spraying pepper. There were a lot of funny things about Trump supporters in the Capitol invasion – they felt that the government could not do anything wrong when their son was in charge, but they could not be trusted the moment the person above was replaced.

But the most ridiculous joke is still there. Executive order from Trump Linn It was signed in June to target “Anarchists and left-wing extremists” who had demolished statues of “heroes” and other opposing forces. Vulnerable federal property. Now it seems that the same people who have been affected by the amendment of the sentence are the same people who are happy to openly point out their views to those who oppose Trump. As mandated by the Presidential Decree – “the full extent of the law” – means the maximum penalty for attacking federal property.

Even so, the worst is yet to come. He is the next president It threatens to shift January 6 to the next 9/11. (H / T) Jamel Jafar)

President-elect Joe Biden Identified The people who invaded the American capital Local terrorists on Wednesday called the attack “the darkest day in the history of our nation.”

In a statement from Wilmington Dell, Mr. Beden said: “Don’t be afraid to call it the Opposition. Rebels. Domestic terrorists. That is fundamental. It’s very simple. ”

He was not wrong. Some acts – especially the use of IEDs – are very significant in terms of “domestic terrorism.” The problem is, what will he do about it?

Mr Beden said they have a plan to prioritize Legislation on domestic terrorism, And calls for the creation of a White House post to monitor and fight extremist extremists.

This may seem reasonable. And some renewed focus on domestic terrorism can be guaranteed by considering how law enforcement has re-ignited, for personal, personal reasons. It is well documented that it has law enforcement agencies in the United States, including the FBI He ignored local extremists Attacking people Black skin and non-Christian beliefs. Ignoring domestic threats means that people do not need to be investigated Law enforcement agencies are on their payroll, Too many are arrested Asking for opinions Personally.

But in the end, it may seem like a good idea to force law enforcement to confront people who can post knowledge imbalances. Mes ΛΑΒΕ memes By their side Content of the subject of heavenly lifeThere is no reason for anyone to accept the expansion of other government powers under the guise of fighting terrorism.

The 9/11 attacks broadened the government’s reach and awareness. And resulted in many Home monitoring – Most use the “alien-face” simulator Forgive the interference To American Life. For years N.A. He was able to collect Phone metadata In general, almost all domestic connections are created. NSA collections allow background searches to be allowed by the FBI and others Find in-house connections Without warranty. And the FBC’s war on foreign terrorism did not go any further Allow the agency to the Making radical changes in people Up to long prison terms.

Add to that Biometric sets At airports, No flight details A belief that can never be denied and that is supported by the courts is the right of American citizens They are empty and empty Located 100 miles from the border, the coast or the international airport, and there are dozens of reasons why no one should respect a new, full-fledged domestic. War on Terror.

What happened earlier this month was disturbing. And domestic terrorism is a threat that needs to be addressed. Emotional control after the attack has never worked for Americans, although many applaud the punishment of those they do not like. U.S. law enforcement already has the equipment, money, and capacity Resists domestic terrorism. They just need to get started. What they don’t want is a whole new set of energy. And what Americans really don’t want is a little bit of freedom and freedom no matter what the threat.

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