Bad Analysis: Comparing Social Media with Guns


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Recently, we have seen all sorts of stupid images when people try to complain about social media. In the near future Senate hearing On social media and content moderation, senators From both sides Ignoring the fact that social media is similar to smoking, “tobacco” is a “1st amendment”. But Reuters has decided to raise one and one Compare social media companies with guns. So, if that is incredibly stupid as a concept, reading the right article will only make it worse. Worse.

Guns and social networks have many similarities. Many people enjoy being responsible, but in the wrong hands they are dangerous. However, both receive unfair benefits in the form of legal protection to protect their users. That cannot last forever.

I mean … what? Article 230 “Unlawful subsidy for firearms in the protection of illegal trade laws” is similarly “unfair subsidies”. In either case, these laws are not subsidized. Both are rules Apply accountability to those who commit the crimes, And by doing so, create rules to protect key constitutional rights.

Without these shields, both industries would change radically. Gun rights activists say the 47,000-strong sector without the PLCAA will be disrupted. That is probably annoying. But lawsuits and security practices forced legal costs and made guns more expensive to produce. For social media, being more active means more employees. Users should be more accustomed to the idea that their Facebook or Twitter posts are not free.

I do not know how much the change in the PLCAA will affect gun makers, but this article considers the elimination of 230 “more workers” and “more active moderation”. By the way, 230 years ago, the courts seemed to zero in on the use of traditional distributor accountability concepts, which means one Knowledge Standard for creating accountability. And without 230 you can see the opposite in many cases: small moderators, small staff and Less Moderation. Although more lawyers.

Or you will find the other extreme: a few special sites, with very, very serious modesty, which will be true gatekeepers for speech, and not the chat rooms we see today.

Facebook and Twitter have an edge over guns. They know their punishment is a threat and they are trying to avoid it. Dorsey and Zuckerberg welcomed 230 changes. That’s smart, because they can help you reset the rules. Compared to rifles, they are better able to survive when their magic shield is taken away.

What? Dorsey and Zuckerberg support narrow-minded reform (mainly around Transparency reporting) In part because they know that they It can withstand the pressure of regulation to cope with increasing responsibilities. Not all small companies and private websites can.

Bad examples are not useful to understand how free speech works online – and comparing social media to guns is especially funny. And, how does it compare to guns? In the same vein, people are killed by guns. In social networks … do people say stupid things? And should that be somehow controlled? Really?

It is not really difficult to understand how Section 230 works and what happens if it is removed. They think that a media outlet like Reuters will at least make sure that the stories they publish understand the basic concepts. As a publisher, they are “responsible” for any publication.

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