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Astronomers have discovered some 750,000 galaxies, some of the brightest and most powerful in the universe. Although given an unpleasant name, J0313-1806 is different from other carbs. This is a recent phenomenon. The oldest known Qatar in the universe, With a huge black hole over 13 billion years old. In fact, it is so ancient and huge that scientists do not know exactly how it was created.

The first fossils were discovered in the middle of the 20th century, but decades later we do not know what they were. A quartet is a very large active galaxy nucleus Black hole On the objects that pull the galaxy anchor (gas) to create a storage disk. When it is twisted into a black hole, the collision releases an electromagnetic current that acts as a signal. For example, J0313-1806 is 1,000 times brighter than our total galaxy.

J0313-1806 is far away – exactly 13.03 billion light years. This means that we are seeing this as it was 670 million years after the Great Bang Still Astronomers J0313-1806 estimate that they are about 1.6 billion years old. This is not offline for a giant black hole elsewhere in the universe, but they have had time to clear things up and grow longer. J0313-1806 The ancient universe should not have had so much time to grow.

Last year, the team used ground-based equipment such as the Atacama Large Millimeter / Submillimeter Array (ALMA) and Mauna Kea Observatories (MKO) to identify the J0313-1806. He reduced the former record holder to 20 million years old in ancient Qatar. Current Black Retention models think a single star would fall to create a single, but the “seed number” for J0313-1806 had to be at least 10,000 solar masses to reach 1.6 billion quickly.

The M87 is the biggest black hole in 2019.

The study hypothesized the existence of this abnormal causer, known as direct fall. The biggest black hole in this model was not the star collapse. Instead, a huge cloud of cold hydrogen gas descended to form the largest black hole that could emanate from any stellar source. This may explain why astronomers see huge black holes in the ancient universe.

Unfortunately, J0313-1806 is so far away that we cannot gather many more details with the current technology. The upcoming James Web Space Telescope, however, may be more accurate enough for imagery such as J0313-1806. After years of delays, NASA It plans to launch a web telescope by the end of 2021.

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