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When Google launched Android, the size of the body was transparent and customizable. Unlike Apple, it released operating systems with open source permissions, allowing developers to upgrade it. This discontinued approach has made Android one of the most popular computer platforms in the world, but it has been very difficult for Apple to reach the Polish level of consistency and consistency. Over the years, Google has tried to centralize Android patches, and a The main device ART is designed to get this treatment in Android 12. The result can be a much improved app compatibility, which is sure to make everyone happy.

A few years ago until now, every Android phone update needed to rebuild the OS with the latest code bass on Google. That addition began to change Project Tribe In Android 8.0 Oreo. This architecture changes the vendor code forward-to-date, so new operating system updates can be plugged in without any minor changes from Qualcomm and other chipmakers. Project Main Line It came with Android 10 to improve the operating system and provide major system updates through the Play Store.

According to a new note in Android Open Source Code, Google plans to move Android Runtime (ART) with Android 12 to the main line. This means that it will be able to update this important system component on newer Android devices starting next year. Artist is very important, because without it, your phone would not know how to run any of your apps.

Eritrea came into Android in 4.4 KitKat and became mandatory a year later. ART is also known as AOT Manager. It takes the baton from apps and compiles it into native instructions that are ready for your phone every time you open the app. ART replaces VALVIC VM, the “timely” composer who changed the code on the flight and was very slow as a result.

If Google starts requesting original OEMs to include the ART component signed by Google on phones, Google may be pushing for updates on all certified Android devices. Android app compatibility is often overlooked, but there are times when a phone may incorrectly provide an application or interrupt background services due to OEM system adjustments. The universal Google-updated ART module can make apps more consistent across devices, which is good for users great For developers who want to monitor device-based errors on a regular basis.

None of this is public – Google did not know it included ART in Android 12, but the project is being implemented in an open source project. The bottom line is that Android apps can get a big boost.

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