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AMD has announced that it will acquire FPGA developer Xilinx for $ 35 billion. The agreement, we Discussed Earlier this month, APD will launch new markets for FPGAs and Artificial Intelligence that you have not played before.

ADD CEO Lisa Sue during Q3 2020 Revenue Call He claimed Silicon is an attractive acquisition target: “Provides industry-leading capabilities with SOS design, graphics and high-speed Io, mixed signal RF, advanced 2.5 and 3D silicon blending and packaging, and key software targeted keys. Permanent ”

Although it was a big talk in the big semiconductor world, AI was not the main focus of communication. Lisa and Zilinx CEO Victor Peng cited an area where they could better deliver AMD and + Silicon technology, focusing on global speeds and telecom-wide enterprise opportunities. A.D. In general, it is close to those efforts, and although ADM addresses the importance of software ecosystems, it has stated that it intends to integrate its own source resources into a single product cluster.

This is a bit of a surprise as Xilinx AI will be doing some work in 2020, including an effort to find COVID-19 on the edge a few weeks ago. There have been a number of AI-related product ads in the last six months. During the call, however, ADM held more general opportunities in edge, industry, 5G and data centers, with AI being cited as one of the products.

AMD / Xilinx integration. Image by AMD

One possible explanation for this is that AMD is an IoT. What he wants to respond to is that he is still working. When we asked the company about the long-term goals of the session, the response focused on AMD’s goal of improving overall computer performance rather than focusing on the IA market. This approach has been very lucrative for ADM over the past few years, and there is no sign of steam, so it may not need to seek attention from the latest locations where AMD is deployed to communicate. Long-term plans for future opportunities.

AMD, on the other hand, does not see much of Xilinx doing much to support their AI. In CPUs, AMD is challenged by Intel and AVX-512. He showed no particular interest in jumping into that fray, and in spite of their respective major counts, AMD can still argue that a lot of workloads are more useful than high-core counts + fast clocks in contrast to AVX-512 support. AMD is blocked by Nvidia and CUDA by the GPU. Finding Silicon does little to change that.

According to the most recent financial report, Silicon Report High markets they are:

A&D, Industrial, M.E. (Aerospace and Defense, Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment) 44%.
16% for automotive, broadcasting and consumer.
26% wired and wireless.
Data center 14 percent
Channel: 0 percent.

“Channel” is listed below 0%, but FY 2020 rating is said to be down 0% – 1%.

AMD points out that Elipin is using the vast Zilinx market in Telecom to gain a foothold in those markets, which means that the two companies can acquire new mergers at similar events in other sectors.

There is another reason why AMD plays things close to the chest. The company was thoroughly rooted in the overall management of ATI integration and found it very difficult to bring the first APNs to market. AMD may plan to take some measurements to develop long-term plans that include the integration of AMD and Xilinx products into the same silicon. At the same time, in M.D. Given the leading role in chip design, it is not surprising that in the medium term, the same x86 / FPGA hybrid chip design was observed.

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