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Readers of this site are aware that the Supreme Court has ruled in its favor in the case of Oracle Google. Spelling API Turning enforcement into a copyright infringement for the computer industry. I went back to January. Arsi Technic Oracle’s cloud storage service will re-enable Amazon’s S3 API, which could even be a disaster for Oracle itself. Oracle did not dispute my findings, but I shrugged it off, saying that Amazon had given me permission. I was skeptical, but at the time I did not have strong evidence that Oracle did not have a license.

I now have evidence of why Oracle is worried. And most importantly, it shows why every technology company and startup has to worry about it Google and Oracle Case.

What Oracle showed me in January was an open source app for Amazon Java SDK This was exciting at the time because the software did not implement SDK S3 or any other cloud service; It uses the API by calling some of its functions. The code called the API is different from the API itself, so the API is called a copy of the API-dialing code. Not a license to implement (you need a license to implement the API, as Oracle does). To return again Favorite similarity By purchasing the rights granted to Oracle lawyers Harry Potter fanfic is not given a license to reproduce Secret Chamber. However, the SDK license is for the Oracle Amazon API. The idea of ​​giving it the right to re-apply is spreading among the Oracles. Fans.

The problem is, Amazon itself does not believe that the cloud API is licensed. Linn In 2012, a company was called Eucalyptus systems He announced that he was Negotiation license To re-implement APIs, including S3, with Amazon. According to the agreement, Amazon did not give permission to anyone. “Amazon has chosen to partner with eucalyptus,” he said. Representative For the latter company.

Apache license for Java SDK has been in place since then At least in 2010.Two years before the eucalyptus agreement. According to Oracle, if everyone already has an Apache license to re-launch the S3 API, then Amazon has no reason to discuss individual licenses with Eucalyptus, and with that permission, there is no reason for Eucalyptus to be successful.

In 2014 it was eucalyptus In HP.The acquired organization is an API. He was questioning whether a license would be issued. Reporting on a purchase, a journalist (now working for Oracle) cited an unknown cloud service provider The specified Amazon Again, unless Amazon is generous with the API license, it would make no sense if Amazon re-implemented the API license in 2010.

In particular, it does not say whether Amazon agrees that Amazon’s licensing behavior is a copyright infringement of the API. Many people They said Amazon never owns it and probably won’t bring a copyright issue in court. But risky businesses want to be sure – including the CEO of Eucalyptus He did not believe The APIs were copyrighted but still licensed as “belts and hangers.” And many major cloud service providers They did not complete it again While there are obvious benefits to doing so, the Amazon API As one Cloud Service Executive Put it in 2014, Oracle No. Google Argument “makes it more dangerous to use someone’s API design without first consulting.”

This notion of “consult first” not only provides a big gap in Oracle’s Apache-licensing theory, but also shows how serious Oracle’s copyright theory is. Eucalyptus is not a traditional cloud service provider that competes head-to-head with Amazon, but rather software Servers on siteIt basically allows companies to build cloud computing systems like AWS on their own computers. Amazon is not in the business of deploying enterprise servers on the site, so eucalyptus would not reduce Amazon’s profits – in fact it could be Increased Even before companies were switched from site servers to the cloud, companies were powered by the Amazon API. Amazon Profits by Locking.

The end result of the licensing culture in the computer industry may be to lock up consumers, grow big companies, and shut down startups that hinder competition. The Supreme Court may reject Oracle’s “API” copyright concept and open the door to strong competition in the technology space, or approve patents in the APIs and provide them with major services for years to come.

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