Additional subsidies alone do not fix the problem of American broadband


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For decades, American taxpayers have abandoned countless subsidies, tax breaks, and other benefits. This time We finally put that exciting “digital partition” on the bed. And while there are countless communities that benefit from taxpayer-supported projects, there are many examples of where this money has been. It has been effectively exacerbated Uncountable telecom monopolies are often accepted From millions to billions In handwriting instead of normally half-engaged fiber networks

The cause of our failure must still be clear. In most cases, telecom giants are not properly investigated for subsidy decisions by federal or state legislators, and most of them are in the back pocket of these monopolies. The end result: State and federal legislators and regulators underestimate how boring the telecom monopoly market in the United States is, and how boring and ordinary it is. Corruption In fact, American broadcasts have become the slowest, fastest, and most expensive in the world for decades.

Under the Trump administration, this corruption problem has been classified as a joke by federal regulators Literally often indistinguishable From telecom lobbyists. While it is not difficult to kiss the beleaguered commissions, AT&T and Versailles of the BDM administration, it should be seen whether the administration has the courage to stand up to the US telecom monopoly. What is clear is that the next administration is throwing more subsidies on the industry One of the most important:

“Their first major chance could come as part of a new coronavirus stimulus package, which will be a major focus for Biden as he prepares to enter the White House in January. The former president-elect has approved a $ 4 billion in-house emergency fund. It is a fund that will help tens of millions of low-income Americans stay out of work and out of financial crisis, and Bidin reaffirmed his commitment to global broadband on Tuesday as part of a broader agenda.

To be clear, he understands that, including some broadband It will definitely reach the end users It will be a good thing. And subsidies are not necessarily bad in themselves. But while the core CARES rules may be well thought out, It includes some unrealistic timelines In many areas, taxpayers’ money is being diverted quickly or to the government. Welcome to the Monitoring Proposal, which brings some relief to Americans and small broadband service providers. COVID-19 has provided a very simple solution to the broadband issue for those who have not yet realized the importance of technology, and our efforts so far have been half-confirmed.

“Students can’t go to school without it. Patients can’t participate in television without them. Governments can’t get access to all their citizens,” said Microsoft President Brad Smith. , In an interview, “If there is a silver lining in 2020, it will all be clear to people.

Again, Additional subsidies Broadband does not do much if you do not effectively monitor where it is available or not. We’ve seen FCC broadband maps (usually in industrial lobby design) more often than not. Effective nonsense To accurately measure American broadband; Additional subsidies cannot fix the problem if you do not know what the problem is.

More subsidies do not actually address the fact that Congress is literally a rubber stamp. Every passing wish Corruption is rampant in AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, Charter and T-Mobile, as well as in many states. Write anti-competition telecom law, Or state regulations that infringe on the rights of communities Local telecom infrastructure makes decisions for itself.

Additional subsidies cannot fix Trump FCC’s net neutrality, which He effectively isolated the agency, Makes it harder than ever to hold telecom monopoly accountable for so many things. In fact, if Congress is in a hurry Check out Nathan Simington, Then suspends the appointment of Democratic Commissioner, ACC. He was imprisoned 2-2 and could remain effective for at least two years. Additional subsidies cannot fix that.

Additional subsidies regularly, frequently, Rubber stamp Competition and job losses ensure that all Americans continue to pay some of the highest prices in the world, which was a problem before the Great Depression. After further merger, it will not fix our broken anti-trust enforcement strategy, which sees merger as a merger in the other direction, and it will crush small, creative companies.

Telecom giants have complete and comprehensive control over telecom policy at the state and federal levels. Year after year, we refuse to tackle or oppose this corruption, we let the monopoly determine the lion’s share of US telecom policy, and then we stand in awe of why the United States is lagging behind in broadband. Too much cursing money On the problem.

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