Additional negative thoughts: A congressional representative recommends that participants in the attack on the Capitol building be included in the no-fly list.


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Linn Proving it wasn’t 2020 It’s still done with us, January 6, 2021, not a blessing, added something new to the long list of “Have Wonderful Times.” Encouraged by the man in less than ten days Don’t be escorted by security guards and your favorite lawyer – that’s one He argued “to try.” In the aftermath of the election – Trump supporters stormed Washington, D.C., threatening the election and hoping it would end.

This was a power outage (and it was violent) Five people died And Two explosive devices Returned) followed by many later responses. The immediate reaction of a few red-shelled people who broke into the Capitol building in hopes of defending the election certificate is immediate. Executive Order signed by Trump – Targets “Rebel, Left-Wing Extremists” – Instead, it is used to increase the prison sentence of rebellious, right-wing extremists. Probably the worst in history, supporters of the president leave the office feeling overwhelmed. MAGA really.

But things calmed down and he returned to business as usual. Violence during the election process has been called for. And a call for action is made as a result of a single event that has no chance of recurrence Almost always It causes things Getting worse For millions of people who do nothing but fear.

9/11 attacks resulted In expansion Monitoring status. The brutal attack stripped him of his power and handed it over to his government. The same thing seems to be happening now with President-elect Joe Biden (Domestic) to demand a war on terrorism. And other legislators who want to inflict pain on the people they do not elect, ignore the dire consequences of their demands and demand that more be done now. (H / T) Sam Mintz)

Flight attendants were disturbed by the presence of Capitol Hill invaders on DC flights. This is good. And like private airlines, of course, some people may refuse to board their planes. But this personal protest is being made public, Homeland Security Committee Chairman Berry Benny G. Thompson. He wants these private grievances to be made public, including the so-called “rebels” on the federal government’s impressive list of flights.

In the wake of yesterday’s horrific domestic terrorist attack on the US Capitol, I urge the Transportation Security Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to use the names of all those involved in the attack on the Federal Flight List. Take them off the planes. This should include all individuals who have entered the Capitol building – an intervention that endangers the safety of members of Congress and staff and acts as an attack on our nation.

On the way to Washington, DC, we have already seen reports of “disorderly people” on the air. If you are allowed to fly unsupervised, it does not take much thought to figure out how to do it when you leave DC. This is something that the TSA and the FBI can do legally, but as far as I know they have not yet taken action. Suspected FBI suspects involved in domestic terrorism should be prosecuted.

Lots to pull here.

First, the TSA should not be given any permission to do so AnythingAlmost done nothing It has already been given a wide range of variations.

Second, they are non-flight details Unconstitutional chaos. Even for “national security” disputes, when the courts give the lowest number of judges Don’t trust it Preventing a person from flying (and then refusing to accept even this fact, if there is little chance of opposing this decision) is not a violation of their rights.

It is not a good idea to add more people to the no-fly list, especially when the government has a lot of power to deal with the invaders of this Capitol Hill. Without Decide that they will no longer be allowed to board planes. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. are there Lots of rules in the books – and a recent executive order – will help federal prosecutors achieve this goal. Preventing Perps from flying does not change anything about the prosecutor’s matrix.

And if a person can be added to a non-flight list, the chances are known, arrested and prosecuted. Therefore, the follow-up list is zero and only punitive damages. Let the law do its work. Leave a no-fly list. Airlines can do this if they refuse to serve the suspects in the Capitol invasion. The government does not need to participate. Federal agencies may not place Bolo suspects on a checklist that would significantly reduce their ability to travel. That is what we should do now, for we must assume that we are innocent before we can be considered guilty.

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